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Showing my weird imagination to everyone.
Last update: 9th Oct 2020, 7:45 PM
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This isn't a regular webcomic, but rather a huge collection of comics, diary pages, fake newspapers and more, showcasing my stories and artistic evolution from 2009 onwards. It started as life embellished, and then became a genre-busting universe with too many characters. Enjoy :D

The Redacverse archive updates... whenever I can, basically. Expect a lot of silly, childish, scanned drawings, and a surprising number of toilet-related concepts. I always tinker with the layout, so the site itself is a work in progress.

If you're interested, I also have a much more recent comic about superheroes set in the same world. (you don't need to read one to understand the other, though)


Matt Comics
Matt Comics
Hi there! I'm some kind of lifeform named Matt. When I was a kid, not so long ago, I created the Matt Comics world, which includes all of my online comics, and other things.

I love animals, plants, monsters, and old-school superheroes. Most of my interests, such as folklore or astronomy, have some influence on my stories.

See you around!


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Matt Comics
We're back for another bunch of 2011 content! As you know by now, those chapters often explore or introduce a particular corner of my world.

This time, it's about another house in the middle of nowhere, with another group of unhinged characters, including a mischievous Turtle... once we get past some "normal" pages.

The weird fusion on this cover isn't anything meaningful, just a fun doodle from issue #112, and I thought it'd look cool here. Have fun!
Author Note
Matt Comics
Aaaaand this is the end of a story that started with pencils, literally got its colors back, and went on an interdimensional tangent. Kind of an abrupt ending, but I guess I wanted to move on.

The craggy dimension in the bottom right is a place known as Fangchasm, but it's one of those things I didn't use very often.

It's still a very significant arc, because it introduces some of my recurring concepts that defined many stories. (the Colors, the Shadow Zone, the Author, the Agents, even Zit Vaz) Thanks for reading this stuff!
Author Note
Matt Comics
hi! Instead of consistently working on old and new comics, I've been messing around with several things, including this site's code. Most of the changes aren't noticeable on a visual level, but hopefully the site should load faster.

Anyway, this page introduces the Agents! They work for the Agency, a mysterious peace-keeping organization! This was also when I started getting serious about noses and ears on human characters, after years of mostly ignoring them. Enjoy!
Author Note
stop dropping me
Matt Comics
Wow. This is getting abstract... and messy... and whatever else... but I guess this made sense, when you're dealing with a cosmic entity. Also, this was the general aesthetic of the Shadow Zone, the nebulous area between universes, where you can find the Author and other things.
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