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Comic profile: The Redac
The Redac
Showing my weird imagination to everyone.
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 10:18 PM
Number of comics: 115
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Comic description

How would I describe The Redac? Probably as something that originally started as life embellished, before becoming a comedic, genre-busting story with too many characters and plot threads. It's also the very substance of my artistic evolution from 2009 onwards, which means a lot of old, childish scanned drawings.
I hope you'll enjoy it :D

The Redac updates at least twice a week, including every Sunday.
Expect lame puns, absurdity, slapstick and actual battle injuries, an improbable number of toilet-related concepts, and a ton of silliness in general.

(I often tinker with the layout, so don't panic if some parts of the site change while you aren't looking.)


Matt Comics
Matt Comics
Hi there! I'm some guy named Matt. (or Mr. Comics, according to Text)

I like a lot of works, though I mostly focus on webcomics, anime, superhero comics and free online games.

I've been working on my own stories since childhood. I eventually showed my strangest and most important project (The Redac) here, and I have plans for many other stories.

I'm also a wacko who spends a lot of time on the funny parts of this site.

See you around! image

Most recent comments left on The Redac

Matt Comics
2 days ago
Matt Comics
The Redac's first birthday! That took forever to clean up. And yes, this was the first appearance of the Redac personification. I already featured him on covers, but those were retroactive appearances. Enjoy!

Important news: I'm gonna switch back to the one-page-a-week schedule for three weeks. Why? Because I got a lot of sidequests to catch up with: layout stuff, the cast page, the extra material archive, my other project, and so on, so I kinda need more time to focus on that for a short period. See you Sunday!
Left on The Redac's first birthday (Week diary, R. #53)
Matt Comics
3 days ago
Matt Comics
Would you look at that! More absurd dialogue, this time with the fathers of the guys from the last page!

Also, an ink-stained post-it doodle.

The next page will feature an incredible number of characters, and next week we'll start another retroactive story.
Left on More crazy dialogue
T (Guest)
4 days ago
Hum...many "Son"; and what about the seven Son of the seventh Son..
Left on TVCS: Dialogue
Matt Comics
8 days ago
Matt Comics
I told you the TV China crew was away. Meanwhile, the Narrator is having fun, and I already wrote something about some of the idiots mentioned in the previous page's list. I consider it the first (text-only) appearance of Your Son, My Son and His Son. Thanks for reading!
Left on TVCS: Dialogue
Matt Comics
11 days ago
Matt Comics
What the heck is this list??? Well, my fevered brain thought it'd be fun to write about characters with confusing code names like Your Father, My Son, and so on. It sounded hilarious, so I wrote a nonexhaustive list of such characters to use in future issues. (it even includes some boggarts we're already familiar with)

The drawing below is tied to the Old Guy invasion currently happening in TV China, and this is the first appearance of June's Battlebot. Enjoy!
Left on Confusing names