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Webcomic profile: The Redac
The Redac
Showing my weird imagination to everyone.
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago, 9:20 PM
Number of comics: 125
Number of subscribers: 8
Visitors: 9022 visitors (27531 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.91 (33 votes)

Webcomic description

How would I describe The Redac? Probably as something that originally started as life embellished, before becoming a genre-busting story with too many characters and plot threads. And an improbable number of toilet-related concepts.

It's also a huge collection of comics, diary pages, short stories and more, showcasing my artistic evolution from 2009 onwards, which means many old, childish scanned drawings. I hope you'll enjoy it :D

The Redac updates at least twice a week. Expect a lot of silliness.

(I often tinker with the layout, so don't panic if some parts of the site change while you aren't looking.)


Matt Comics
Matt Comics
Hi there! I'm some guy named Matt. (or Mr. Comics, according to Text)

I like a lot of works, though I mostly focus on webcomics, anime, superhero comics and free online games.

I've been working on my own stories since childhood. I eventually showed my strangest and most important project (The Redac) here, and I have plans for many other stories.

I'm also a wacko who spends a lot of time on the funny parts of this site.

See you around! image

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Matt Comics
3 days ago
Matt Comics
As you may or may not have noticed, I kinda disappeared for a while. That's because I was incredibly ill. I could barely read, let alone upload comics. But I'm back now, and so is the neverending Redac archive! Here is the end of that story, at last!
Left on The House Battle (3/3)
Matt Comics
6th Jan 2019
Matt Comics
What a vindictive cow...

And look, there's Mr. Spoilerrotten, The Redac's original green mud organism!

Thanks for reading!
Left on The House Battle (2/3)
Matt Comics
30th Dec 2018
Matt Comics
Last page of the year, first page of another retro story! Johnny is back! Jack and Your Father still haven't left the house! So much suspense!

Thanks for reading, and see you next year! (in a few days, haha)

and if you haven't seen it yet, there's a handy banner for Huckleberry under the comment button!
Left on The House Battle (1/3)
Matt Comics
23rd Dec 2018
Matt Comics
Haha, the Evil Parrot didn't really look like a parrot...

This is another page of filler stuff I came up with instead of drawing actual comics. I eventually regained my focus, but meanwhile, another retroactive story is coming!

And now this site got 8000+ visitors! Merry Chrismas!
Left on More binary nonsense
Matt Comics
21st Dec 2018
Matt Comics
We're nearing the end of the TV China supplements, and I'm astounded by the blankness of this page. This would be unacceptable nowadays. I slowly developed the urge to fill backgrounds with funny stuff and experimental patterns.

Anyway, "the Matt Comics fools" are some mysterious characters who existed before The Redac, and of course Yourself is fighting the Old Guy With An Attitude. Hey, that's a funny nickname. I'll tag him as that.

Thanks for reading!
Left on TVCS: Whistle