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A roller coaster containing temporal anomalies and supernatural phenomenons entwined into one. Check it out!
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Katsu; A timelord, a reaper, an image of Death, and a Titan. Why would the fuck would we be reading about him? Or rather his book? He's a stupid asshole who is hellbent on doing his job and keeps the balance between life and death untipped. And guess what? He's a fucking Aware due to forced factors beyond my control. And I am rudely typing this out because there is no need for professionalism when it comes to this stupid faceless Lil' shit.


Hello! I am a long-time user from Smackjeeves and I had decided to move over here! You may know me as the guy who made The Takedown series on Smackjeeves or on MGComics!

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Hello, hello, hello all! We have pretty much got caught up with the last few hundred pages! (If you haven't, you should really check it out!) If you did, thank you for bearing with me through ten years worth of work and progress. There has been a massive change of quality with these updates throughout all of the years.

However, since we had caught up, the updates will be done on a weekly basis! Starting now!

Enjoy this week's update!
Author Note
Hello everyone! Sorry if all of the comics that are being uploaded at every hourly basis seems empty without author comments- I am currently working on uploading all 300+ comics that has been accumulated over nearly 10 years. I really don't have much to say but enjoy the comics!
Author Note