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The Void Masquerade
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Something is not quite right in the world of the Beyond. Towns vanishing without trace, distorted monsters made entirely out of static ravaging the lands, yet only a young tv head named Fabian is aware that any of this is happening...

CW for eldritch imagery, eyes, clowns, and occasional crude humour.


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i have nothing to offer but unrelenting chaos and the vastness of the void

they/them | aro/ace | 22 | certified bird enthusiast


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Ahh thank you! I'm trying to get more experimental/fluid with how I approach panels.
Love the more dynamic pannels :)
This page took me quite a while to figure out how to do, it's also the start of me deviating from the 3 panel format I started off with. Basically I've been figuring out more and more things in regards to how I'd like to approach this comic.

I also cannot wait to share my most recent pages, but I barely have a buffer as it is.

Song: Leyland Kirby - No Longer Distance Than Death
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Thank you! :>
ok.. this is super cool!