The Unicorn Conspiracy

Last update: 30th Dec 2016, 3:21 PM
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" A city divided against itself shall not stand. "
Whoever said that has never been to New Yorkshire, a behemoth of a metropolis, inhabited by eighty million beings of various races caged together between monolithic towers. Skyscrapers rise in splendor from the dust of forgotten centuries-old slums whose pavement is wet with blood... But be that as it may, the city continues to stand, with spires piercing the sky and highways snaking their way across the island ... This city stands, for better or for worse... And these are its stories.

- Gil, the "Voice from the Drains. "


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Author Note
Elves are generally less sexually motivated than humans, comparitevly. This has to do with their long life spans.
Author Note
This is a small guest chapter drawn by the great Daniil Kuzmichev, aka DAHR.
His Patreon can be found here -

"Easterners" - an elven name for humans that are not affiliated with the Light.
Author Note