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The Art of Never Looking Back
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 4:22 PM
Number of comics: 172
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Rating: 4.73 (11 votes)

Comic description

60 years after a near apocalypse, two explorers unwittingly thrust themselves into a war between the government of the last city on Earth and its disenfranchised citizens.


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image description/transcript:

The dialogue from the last page continues, but spoken off screen in narration boxes.

We see Will sitting down on a bed in a cell very similar to Veronica's (no windows, brightly lit even at night).

We see Sampson laying down on a bed with his hand under his head, looking away sadly.

We see Karen sitting on top of the sheets in a hospital bed, looking out the window at the houses and trees outside.

We see Max tied down to a table, bound by leather straps on his legs and chest and metal chains on his arms and legs. He is straining against them.

The text over them goes to each character so that it looks like some of it is applied to each of them, though it is all spoken still by the off-screen silhouette from last page.

To Will, it says "This too shall pass"

To Sampson, "These scars will fade"

To Karen - "These wounds will heal"

To Max - "These chains will break"
Left on ch 2 pg 108
One week ago
image description:

The scene changes - we are no longer looking at Veronica in her cell; we are in her head. The background is black, with red jagged lines, like lightning, coming down from the top of the page. On a soft, barely visible layer, is the text "not again" repeated from the top to the bottom of the page, over and over.

In disjointed flashback panels, we see a hand reaching up and twitching, we see Veronica's eyes staring forwards with blood splattered on her face, we see a hand drawing back a shovel.


VOICE: Veronica, you there?

VOICE: There's this thing I heard - I think it might help you calm down.

The redness fades out of the page, and we can see the silhouette of a broad-armed woman with short hair cleaning a plate, looking over her shoulder at a silhouette of Veronica, holding her hands to her ears.

The unnamed woman is revealed to be the voice earlier. She continues.

VOICE: I don't know if it's apocryphal or not, but it's like this wise man says to a king -

VOICE: How do you make a sad man happy or a happy man sad?

VOICE: 'This, too, shall pass.'
Left on ch 2 pg 107
12 days ago
image description/transcript:

Veronica is leaning over and huffing after having punched the wall. Her head is hanging slightly down and she looks exhausted.

We get a close up of Veronica's bloodied knuckles. She begins to lose her balance and starts falling backwards, saying "woah!"

She falls on the empty frame of the bed.

We see her bloodied knuckles again, this time her hand clenched into a fist.

VERONICA: hff hff

Veronica's mouth is hanging open as she hyperventilates. Her eyes are wide open; her iris don't touch either her top or bottom eyelid. She seems to be looking off into the distance.

She looks down and gasps as the colors of the page turn slightly red. Her eyebrows are pulled down angrily and she has a wild expression in her eyes.
Left on ch 2 pg 106
3rd Jul 2018
image description

Veronica hops down from the bedframe she was standing on. The next panel shows the room from above, with her repeated three times. She is checking the corners of the room, running her hands against the wall, and leaning down. After that, she backs up to the wall and looks over her shoulder.

There is a close up of her tightly clenched hand.

She yells and slams her hand into the reflective front to the cell with and "Agh!"

She pulls her hand back and charges at it, yelling again.

Whump! We see just her fist connecting with the reflective wall of the cell.

Whump! and this time, the letters look slightly fractured, as if she's breaking the sound effect itself.

Whump! a bit of blood comes from her knuckle and the sound effect word breaks apart.

We see Veronica with her mouth wide open, yelling, and her fist pulling back from the punch. The panels around her action have become fractured, like the sound effects.
Left on ch 2 pg 105
22nd Jun 2018

[panel one starts with us looking up at the bed from Veronica's perspective. We see what she would see - a wooden frame, with nothing hidden under it, the mattress, and light shining in from above.

Panel two shows Veronica continuing to look, but now we zoom in on her face.

Veronica stands up and starts grabbing the mattress, yanking it off with her one non-broken arm. She says "errgh". And grunts with effort.

Once the mattress is out of the way, Veronica begins inspecting the frame of the bed. Then she stands on it, braces herself against the wall, and checks the corner (which is where the camera is positioned)
Left on ch 2 pg 104