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The Art of Never Looking Back
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago
Number of comics: 133
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Comic description

60 years after a near apocalypse, two explorers unwittingly thrust themselves into a war between the government of the last city on Earth and its disenfranchised citizens.


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17th Aug 2017
image description/transcript:

[The scene changes with a "meanwhile" text. Now we are overlooking the city of St Ignatius again. The cross-shaped church with the gold roof is in the center, a grey road loops around it. to the west is a residential section with large fancy houses and also some smaller regular sized ones with plain black roofs. to the east is a greenhouse, fire station, and "dog town", a scattering section of buildings with red roofs.

the camera zooms in on dog town, and we enter a building. inside, the walls are green.
and the room is lit by a single bare yellow bulb hanging from the ceiling. a bookshelf is nailed ot the back wall, and wooden chairs are scattered around a table with a tablecloth.

Sitting on top of that table is Addy, an anthropomorphic papillion dog with feathery furry ears and a cream and brown fur pattern. She's wearing fingerless black gloves, black pants, and a red hoodie.

across from her, standing on the floor, is Madison. Madison is a chubby anthropomorphic calico cat. She has white-ish tufts of fur on her head in an undercut shape, a large fluffy stripey orange brown and white tail, and asymmetrical pattenrs on her face. she's wearing a blue jacket and green sweater and grey leggings.

ADDY: Anyway... We should probably get back to work sometime. Think break's over.
Left on ch 2 pg 69
12th Aug 2017
transcript/image description:

[Still in the hospital waiting room.

Aren and Wolf hold rifles in their hands and are approaching on Will and Veronica. Veronica faces them, Will assumes a fighting stance.

WILL: Veronica!

Veronica bites the metal band that has been placed on her right wrist. She tries to pull it off with her teeth, but strange metal legs thunk out from it and embed themselves in her skin. It quickly pops back and shrinks to normal size, but blood is still on her arm.

VERONICA: Do what she said, Will. I don't feel like bringing a broken arm to a gun fight right about now.

LT CHEN (crossing arms in front of chest): You should listen to your partner.

Will sighs and drops his stance.

Veronica looks forwards, lips in a thin line.

Veronica and Will begin walking away, followed by Aren and Wolf. Ellen and Curt are waiting next to Lt Chen.

LT CHEN: Aren, Wolf, take them to our human detention facility. Ellen, Curt, you're needed at the base.]
Left on ch 2 pg 68
5th Aug 2017
image description/transcript:

[Will, Veronica, Lt Chen, Kurt, and Ellen are still all in the waiting room for the hospital. Will has just leaned forwards and gotten in Lt Chen's face, and Ellen rushes at him, grabbing his arm and pushing him backwards while snarling.

Curt takes her pistol out of the holster and aims it at Will.

Will raises his hands up in a gesture of surrender.

WILL: Woah!

Veronica looks to each side of her and raises her non-broken arm in a fighting stance.

LT CHEN: If you're not our enemies, you have nothing to worry about.

Veronica laughs bitterly and rolls her eyes.

The front doors to the hospital open, and Aren and Wolf, two anthropomorphic wolves in bullet proof armor, holding guns, walk in. Veronica and Will look over their shoulders at them.end image]
Left on Ch 2 pg 67
15th Jul 2017
new comic page

transcript/image description:

[Will, Ellen, and Lt Chen have just entered the waiting room in the hospital, and Will walks towards Veronica with his hands in his pockets and his back slumped.

Lt Chen looks to the side, then narrows her eyes and frowns slightly, like she's making a decision. She grabs a radio and speaks into it.

LT CHEN: Aren, Wolf, report to the waiting room.

Veronica puts her hand on her hip.

VERONICA: Two unarmed civilians, one of them inured, is too much for you and two dogs with super strength to handle?

Lt Chen stares forwards and frowns unimpressedly.

Meanwhile, Curt makes her way closer to Lt Chen and Ellen.

Veronica and Will look over their shoulders at the door. Will leans forwards slightly.

WILL: Are you kidnapping us?

LT CHEN: No. You're just going to be held until we can verify your story.

Will steps forwards and points accusingly at Lt Chen. Meanwhile, Curt rests a hand on her gun.

WILL: This is ridiculous! We told you everything!]
Left on ch 2 pg 66
30th Jun 2017
new comic title, same comic strip (was previously I Have Never Actually Seen a Cat)

Image description/transcript:

[Veronica gets off the back of the couch she was sitting on, and begins pacing across the hospital waiting room. Meanwhile, Curt yawns and then narrows her eyes and looks at Veronica out of the corner of them. Eventually, Will, Lt Chen, and Ellen return.


Left on ch 2 pg 65