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The Art of Never Looking Back
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
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Last update: Yesterday, 2:48 AM
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Comic description

60 years after a near apocalypse, two explorers unwittingly thrust themselves into a war between the government of the last city on Earth and its disenfranchised citizens.


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image description/transcript:

Kelley has one hand grasping the edge of the sofa, and is halfway standing up. She glowers intensely at Viola off panel, but there's a tear in the corner of her eye.

Suddenly, she wilts. Her shoulders slump and she looks away.


She wipes her eyes.

KELLEY: But you've provided no evidence we actually did it.

Viola rolls her eyes.

VIOLA: Listen to you - "we"? The last time I saw this much overidentification with someone because they shared the same jacket color - it was high school spirit week.

KELLEY: Grandma, stop being frivolous.

VIOLA: Fine, no frivolity. Your military killed your grandfather because he remembered. Remembered what it was like before there was a soldier on every street corner - and a propaganda machine you couldn't shut off in every living room. He remembered how we got this way.
Left on ch 2 pg 92
9 days ago
Image description/transcript:

Kelley and Viola are still sitting on the couch in Kelley's dimly lit living room in her apartment. Kelley holds a finger up and accusingly points at her grandmother, Viola.

KELLEY: You don't know what you're saying.

VIOLA: I'm not a child, Amanda. I know exactly what I'm saying.

Kelley becomes so agitated she starts trying to get up a little, despite the cane hanging off the side of the sofa, telling us this is hard for her.

KELLEY: You're saying a *soldier* somehow gave Grandpa a heart attack?

Viola clasps her hands in front of her

VIOLA: Astute

KELLEY: We wouldn't - if you - why even come to me then?

Viola looks up at Kelley, who is now partially standing up and bracing herself on the back of the sofa.

VIOLA: I was hoping you'd be able to help me get to the bottom of this. Prevent it from happening again.

KELLEY: Well, if that's what you want, you came to the wrong person! I'm loyal! I don't believe - I don't believe you. Even if -

Viola interrupts her

VIOLA: They killed him? THat's what you were going to say, right?

Viola looks at her. Her expression is no longer challenging Kelley, instead she looks sad and tired.

VIOLA: Even if they killed him, you'd do nothing?
Left on ch 2 pg 91
9th Feb 2018
image description/ transcript:

Kelley and Viola are sitting on the couch, talking.

VIOLA: Something's not right about how your grandfather died.

Kelley leans forward a little

KELLEY: He had a heart attack.

Viola narrows her eyes so much they're almost shut.

VIOLA: His heart was fine.

Kelley tents her eyebrows, looking slightly sad.

KELLEY: Grandma, he was 80. These things happen --

VIOLA: They didn't use to!

VIOLA: Before the war, humans could live about a hundred years on average. And someone with no heart problems like him -

KELLEY: Grandma, we lost a lot of resources in the war. Of course life expectancy suffered.

Viola looks off to the side.

VIOLA: That's not the only thing though - the night he died, I saw something.

The scene changes. We are now seeing Viola's memory. The room is mostly draped in blackness, except the open window at night, through which shine outdoor lamps.

On a bed, an elderly black man with a thin beard lays down underneath the covers. He isn't moving. Behind him, the silhouette of a cat in a leather jacket is perched in the window, about to leave.

VIOLA: I was out, getting water, and I when I peaked back in, I saw the silhouette of a cat - one of the soldiers your military uses to police. I don't know if the ysaw me - I assume if they did, I'd be dead.
Left on ch 2 pg 90
3rd Feb 2018
image description/transcript:

[Kelley is leaning back on the sofa, looking at her grandmother, Viola, who is hunched forwards. In the background, the news announcer continues to talk quietly.

KELLEY: What about him?

The scene suddenly focuses on the newscaster on TV

NEWSCASTER: And in other news, a group of brave soldiers returned to the city today --

VIOLA (gesturing at TV): Turn that thing off, will you?

Kelley slumps and looks away.

KELLEY: St Ignatius TV doesn't have an off switch, grandma. You know that. It'd be against the law.

Viola doesn't say anything. She just looks at Kelley, smiling slightly, and raises an eyebrow.

Kelley sighs deeply and grabs a remote, while the newscaster continues talking.

Newscaster(quietly): And so experts... confident... within weeks rebel .. tivity sh... be down .. remain vigilant! Do n.. be afraid to report suspic... behavior we..

Kelley aims the remote at the TV, and it turns off with a bloop.

VIOLA (smiling): I knew you had too much technical know-how to let that thing blare 24/7

KELLEY: You were telling me about Grandpa. ]
Left on ch 2 pg 89
26th Jan 2018
image description/transcript:

"Five minutes later" is in a box at the top of the screen. We see Viola in the hallway of Kelley's apartment, looking at where Kelley parked her wheelchair, which is now empty.


Viola maneuvers her walker to the kitchen, where Kelley is standing up and getting water in water bottles. Kelley has taken off her brown coat and is now in her military uniform with the jacket unbuttoned, revealing a blue turtleneck underneath.

VIOLA: I keep forgetting you can walk.

Kelley grabs a cane she had leaned against a chair and steps forwards, balancing her weight on it.

KELLEY: Not for any distance longer than around the house, and not without pain. Speaking of pain - you must be feeling awful after a long day out - let's sit down.

In the background, the TV announcer continues talking.

VIOLA: Ha! That's true.

The two of them walk to sit down on Kelley's couch, in the living area of her apartment. There is an orange garbage bin near the couch, and a coffee table with a magazine left open on it. Off to the side are bookshelves full of books. Behind the living area is an eating area, with a table with a table cloth and chairs.

VIOLA: Look, Amanda... You can't tell anyone I'm here.

KELLEY: What's going on?

VIOLA: It's about your grandfather...

end image
Left on ch 2 pg 88