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The Art of Never Looking Back
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
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Comic description

60 years after a near apocalypse, two explorers unwittingly thrust themselves into a war between the government of the last city on Earth and its disenfranchised citizens.


Most recent comments left on The Art of Never Looking Back

20th Oct 2017
I was so self conscious on this page, BSing my medical talk.

Initially I was going to have the dialogue be fuzzy and indistinct, like Hilda on page 67, but that was supposed to represent Hilda being HoH, and Karen is not

At least not permanently I just realized the explosion might have damaged her hearing temporarily so I could have probably BSed the medical dialogue oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

image description/ transcript:

Karen is sitting on her hospital bed, with the door slightly open to the hall. In the hallway, a doctor is speaking.

DR: Let me take a look at those results. Torn tibial collateral ligament? Ruptured meniscus? We'll see what we can do with therapy and surgery. I'm more concerned about the potential brain injury. With what happened to the other one - All right, I'll speak with her.

The doctor, a white man in his 50s or 60s with grey hair and a receding hairline, walks in. Karen looks up at him blankly.

DR: Listen, soldier -- You're going to stay here for a while. We've done some tests and --

KAREN (annoyed): And I'll be fine.

DR: We need to talk about what happened. You have a traumatic brain injury from the explosion that rendered you unconscious. Your knee was also injured. I was speaking with my colleague about how to heal you so that you are capable of contributing ot our society again.

KAREN: I can contribute! I'm a soldier!

KAREN: I can still walk! I can still talk! Give me a gun and I'll show you I can still shoot!

The doctor pulls at his lapel nervously.

DR: Security?
Left on ch 2 pg 77
12th Oct 2017
image description:

we're back in the hospital room Karen is staying in. She's lying prone on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Her head flops to the side and she looks passively away, too dejected to make any expressions.

Red tinged paint covers the corners of the next panels, which are flashback panels. We see Ben lying dead on the ground, Karen talking over radio, saying "Yes sir. We can rescue the humans", Karen's knee getting kicked out by Hilda, and Karen looking tearfully up to Sampson saying "We have to cut our losses."

In the middle of all these panels, Karen sits up suddenly.

One more flashback panel appears, with a round faced young Sampson saying "Karen protected us. They would've got us if she wasn't here."

In the present, Karen sighs and rests her head on her knee.
Left on ch 2 pg 76
28th Sep 2017
image description/transcript:

The other dogs are still standing, saluting, and Justin finally snaps to his senses and does so too.

JUSTIN: I mean -- Sir!

Kelley smiles

KELLEY: You can relax

Lieutenant Chen clasps her hands behind her back and looks to Kelley

LT CHEN: Very well. I assume you with to address your team, Corporal?

KELLEY: Yes, sir.

Kelley sighs and looks up at the dogs. Her eyebrows are tilted slightly up, nervously.


KELLEY: I know you all have a big change in front of you - some, bigger than others

(during that part, the camera pans on Sampson, who is looking to the side sadly.

KELLEY: Because of this, we don't have any missions yet. Instead, I want you to go back to your base. Get used to each otehr

the camera pans to Curt and Ellen, who are giving each other knowing looks.

KELLEY: Drills to get you working as a *team* start tomorrow.

end iamge
Left on ch 2 pg 75
22nd Sep 2017
image description/transcript:

Lieutenant Chen is still speaking in front of the dogs.

LT CHEN: Due to recent circumstances, one of our previous handlers was let go. You'll be working under our newest candidate. She has unique perivous experience in this base.

The camera focuses on Justin and Addy, who are looking forwards with their hands clasped behind their backs respectfully. Justin has his face in a resting angry face - ears slightly back, eyebrows down.

LT CHEN: She's one of the people who is familiar with the technology you use to track down the enemies of our state.

The camera focuses on Sampson, who has his eyebrows tented up slightly with worry and is looking to the side sadly.

LT CHEN: I expect you to serve her with the same dedication as you do your other commanders.

LT CHEN: Welcome - Corporal Kelley

Kelley wheels in the room. Sampson salutes her.


The camera zooms in on Kelley's face so we can see her a little better, then on Justin. He's lost his angry eyebrows and is gasping. His hand is near his mouth, halfway between his rest and salute position.

end image
Left on ch 2 pg 74
15th Sep 2017
image description/transcript:

[Sampson is still in the meeting room, facing Lieutenant Chen and four dogs in military uniforms.

LT CHEN: This is your new pack

LT CHEN: Curt and Ellen, your pack leaders

Curt and Ellen are black furred anthro wolves. Curt is thin with broad shoulders and hips, scowly eyebrows, and green eyes. Ellen is shorter and broader, with buff arms, a chubby thick waist, and a round face. She has orange eyes and a white spot on her nose.

LT CHEN: Adam, a new recruit

Adam is Addy, the anthropomorphic papillion we just saw, now she's in a military uniform rather than her red hoodie.

LT CHEN: And Justin

Justin is a short red furred antrho wolf with a long face and overbite. He has a scar over his right eye, and his ears are down limply.

SAMPSON (eyebrows tenting up in worry): What about Karen?

LT CHEN: Your former squadmate will be tested - she was more wounded than you. If she still meets military standards of fitness and performance --

Sampson leans forward

SAMPSON (shouting): If?

Lt Chen scowls.

LT CHEN: I'm talking, private.

She goes on as if he had said nothing

LT CHEN: She will be reassigned to a squad missing a member. But you are not out of comission just because she is.

Lt Chen looks over her shoulder, talking to the rest of the dogs.

LT CHEN: There's one more person you all need to meet.

end image]
Left on ch 2 pg 73