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The Art of Never Looking Back
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 24th Nov 2017, 8:31 PM
Number of comics: 146
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Rating: 4.67 (9 votes)

Comic description

60 years after a near apocalypse, two explorers unwittingly thrust themselves into a war between the government of the last city on Earth and its disenfranchised citizens.


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24th Nov 2017
image description/transcript:

Karen is looking at Rachel and Ester, who are in the hallway in the hospital outside the waiting room.

KAREN: Wait!

Karen points at Ester

KAREN: I've seen you. You work with the military. You're important.

ESTER: But I haven't seen you before. I don't usually work with dogs.

Karen lurches towards Ester and Rachel intercepts her.

KAREN: Please. I'm still a soldier.

Karen looks up at Ester with tears in her eyes.

KAREN: Don't let them --

KAREN (softly): Don't let them get rid of me.

Rachel grabs Karen's hands.

RACHEL: It's - it's all right, soldier.

Karen looks down and Rachel hovers over her.

RACHEL: NO one's getting rid of anyone. end image]
Left on ch 2 pg 81
17th Nov 2017
image description:

Karen is standing in the door frame to her hospital room. She looks down slightly.

KAREN: Still...

The page becomes red tinged and blurry. She looks out her door, in a daze, and sees a nurse walking in the background, but mainly a flashback of her as a child being escorted with her hands in front of her by a larger dog in a military outfit. Kid Karen looks over her shoulder with concern.

Adult Karen hops down the hallway in the hospital, leaning her weight on the wall.

We see another flashback of kid Karen, trapped behind bars and looking out.

Adult Karen pauses, having reached the waiting room, and looks to the side.

She hops over to a couch and supports herself on it.

KAREN: Still a soldier...

A birdseye view of the hospital waiting room shows Rachel and Ester walking in it, coming in from the entrance. As they pass her, Karen turns her head to look at them.

Left on ch 2 pg 80
11th Nov 2017
image description/transcript:

[Karen is alone in the hospital room. She is sitting on the bed, holding one hand in a loose fist in front of her and supporting herself with the other hand. She looks to the side.

She scootches forwards on the bed to get off and stands up.

KAREN (muttering, to herself): I'm still a soldier...

Karen's ankle rolls out from under her and her knee buckles and she throws her hands forwards, trying to stabilize herself.

She holds herself up on the armrest of the chair in the room.

KAREN: ugh...

She hobbles to the door and looks out.]
Left on ch 2 pg 79
27th Oct 2017
image description/transcript:

Karen leans forwards on the bed angrily and the doctor recoils a little.

KAREN: I wasn't threatening you, dammit!

From the doorway, a short, stout, anthropomorphic rottweiler in a khaki uniform (Ariel) steps forwards.

ARIEL: Is there a problem, sir?

The doctor points at Ariel

DOCTOR: This dog is behaving irrationally and you need to restrain her.

Karen bares her teeth.

KAREN: Just try it, garbage boy! I'm still a soldier.

Ariel stares blankly ahead, kind of sad.

KAREN (shouting): I can still serve my city! I'm not useless!

DOCTOR: I have no doubt that there will be some use for you, no matter the outcome.

He turns to leave.

DOCTOR: But you are clearly not in a state to hear your symptoms right now. Try calming down.
Left on ch 2 pg 78
20th Oct 2017
I was so self conscious on this page, BSing my medical talk.

Initially I was going to have the dialogue be fuzzy and indistinct, like Hilda on page 67, but that was supposed to represent Hilda being HoH, and Karen is not

At least not permanently I just realized the explosion might have damaged her hearing temporarily so I could have probably BSed the medical dialogue oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

image description/ transcript:

Karen is sitting on her hospital bed, with the door slightly open to the hall. In the hallway, a doctor is speaking.

DR: Let me take a look at those results. Torn tibial collateral ligament? Ruptured meniscus? We'll see what we can do with therapy and surgery. I'm more concerned about the potential brain injury. With what happened to the other one - All right, I'll speak with her.

The doctor, a white man in his 50s or 60s with grey hair and a receding hairline, walks in. Karen looks up at him blankly.

DR: Listen, soldier -- You're going to stay here for a while. We've done some tests and --

KAREN (annoyed): And I'll be fine.

DR: We need to talk about what happened. You have a traumatic brain injury from the explosion that rendered you unconscious. Your knee was also injured. I was speaking with my colleague about how to heal you so that you are capable of contributing ot our society again.

KAREN: I can contribute! I'm a soldier!

KAREN: I can still walk! I can still talk! Give me a gun and I'll show you I can still shoot!

The doctor pulls at his lapel nervously.

DR: Security?
Left on ch 2 pg 77