Theater Of The Bloody Tongue
Classic Underground Comix (Paperback & web) about a multiverse traveling witch & rock music
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Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations
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A tongue-in-cheek mixture of NSFW grand-guignot-stories and SFW crossovers/parodies of other webcomics. Ariane Eldar, beloved doomwitch known from Bad Moon Soho, Steampunk Gorgon and Ariane Eldar Private, is the new undergroundstar of the Theater Of The Bloody Tongue, recreating the classic Grand Guignot. During the theater's tour through underground theaters, the Faceless God appears and forces Ariane to some tasks involving interdimensional travels. Trailer: Paperbacks: (protodoomguide) (Great Vinyl Cover Romance, paperback) (Blood, Sweat & Snow, paperback) (The Rock Opera) Merchandize:

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Ariane Eldar
Ariane Eldar
Professional yog-sothotian witch and protodoom burlesque underground star.

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Ariane Eldar
I'm sure might ask Babette darling to fly my around then!
Ariane Eldar
Pfffft, both go up in the air and do the fly-fly-around thing, so no difference!
Ah, now I see it . the landing gear gave it kinda missile look . My bad .
That's an airship!
In fact, it's the very same airship as this one! ;-D
Of course, the trusty Passepartout III is still in use!