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Webcomic profile: The Black Princess
The Black Princess
Sareena Black and Misty Smid go through the daily grind at their job investigating and sometimes fighting otherworldly threats. Updates Tuesdays.
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Discontinued/Completed
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Last update: 8th Jan 2016, 4:00 AM
Number of comics: 412
Number of subscribers: 12
Visitors: 48118 visitors (254520 pages viewed)
Rating: 4 (10 votes)

Webcomic description

Sareena Black and Misty Smid are best friends, and co-workers in Eighth Sin's Paranormal Division. While Misty begins to be introduced into the operations of Sareena's family of witches and warlocks, the two find themselves faced with a quickly growing number of magically-inclined threats and dangerous individuals, all while they begin to suspect that things aren't what they seem at their job.


Lesse... I'm 21. I read a good few webcomics, not nearly as many as I used to, but the ones I follow most closely these days are Misfile, Menage a 3, and Gunnerkrigg Court. Not a lot else to say.
Abe Sedecim
I never took an art class in my life, but I've read about the subject on many how too websites and books. I have many story ideas in mind and I like writing too, I just wish my pictures came out better. I like fancomics, fanfiction, fan commentary, fanaticism, fantasy, and anything that's basically fan-tastic.

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8th Jan 2016
Those reading this on the BP site, this is the last page being posted there. A link to WaR and banner about the move's been added to the top of the page, please bookmark it or whatever to continue reading the story from here.

I really said everything that needed saying on the BP front on the last page, so not much to go into on that. Not decided yet if something will be done for the BP anniversary on Valentine's Day; if so it probably won't be another preview of the year to come given we haven't touched on the Halloween chapter set up in the last one anyway, might just do some random filler picture. Maybe, we'll see.

In either case, yeah, despite not showing up in this chapter - think this is the first chapter since her proper introduction that she's missed - we're not done with O'Hara just yet, nor is she really being put on the backburner. She will be a little more spotty in appearances from here for a bit to be sure, but this storyline is continuing to march along, don't you worry. Or maybe you should, depending on just what it is she's pushed Rin into doing exactly.

Filler arc centering on Alex and friends starts on Monday. We'll have four pages of that then we'll kick off chapter fourteen - Like the Rain, They Fall.
Left on Shopping Star, Burning Bright, Page 39
Adam C.
8th Jan 2016
Adam C.
I love working on Rin. He benefited a lot from the re-designs and looks great in the lower light we tend to see him in. Genuinely felt really bad drawing him like this.

Also felt weird but neat seeing Stargirl again. I took the chance to give her design a few aspects that separated her from Alex. In particular her hair has that infuriating asymmetrical haircut that Dorothy got rid of in the re-design. Also bigger breasts, because anime.

Threw me a little bit doing the original costume again, though got into the habit of it pretty quick. ^^ As you guys'll see soo
Left on Shopping Star, Burning Bright, Page 39
Adam C.
4th Jan 2016
Adam C.
Yeah, think going forward the merger will go a lot smoother. As a result of this literally being two chapters smushed together it wound up a lot longer than intended. I'm super-psyched for the next chapter. Been antsy ever since I started getting scripts for it. ^^

Kinda curious if Lara should be the one really angry and annoyed here in the art. In retrospect, maybe that should've been Ozais. Either way, yeah, this guy has something going on. ^^ Curious what.
Left on Shopping Star, Burning Bright, Page 38
4th Jan 2016
Hey, that guy! Who a lot of you probably don't know because he's only showed up in BP and even then only for a couple of pages in one scene.

To explain if you don't know him, this is Sareena and Misty's contact for their upcoming job of having to fight some sort of interdimensional god who is making his way to earth, who refers to himself as the Man of the Times. We'll touch more on him later but here's the page where he first shows up for reference -

Rather deliberately his debut was overshadowed by Ana's debut and Harena's first speaking role later in the chapter. And besides getting to do more with her and mix things up, this is why Jake was there, to set up Ozias and Lara being part of the team. Part of the reason for this fight at all, to bring Ozias back into the story to lead to this.

Next page is the last of the chapter and by extension the last of Black Princess as a standalone entity. Which might come off the wrong way with how Sareena, Misty, and Ana are barely in the next chapter, but they are present and by extension of that Alex is barely in the chapter after it. Which is really less about keeping things even and more about the format the two chapters will be taking - more on that when we come to it.

Incidentally, while a definite part of me is sad to see BP end - even if it isn't really doing so - I have been liking how the merger has been working out in terms of the story's pacing and the expanded freedom it gives me with the story. While I think this chapter's had its sloppy parts and run too long, I have had a good bit of fun with it, and both Adam and I have been loving how the next chapter's coming out and it's something we couldn't have really done the same way under the old system.

Another scene change is coming for the last page of the chapter. It's probably not too hard to guess who exactly we'll be touching in with.
Left on Shopping Star, Burning Bright, Page 38
1st Jan 2016
Yeah, this is pretty much supposed to be a big, out of nowhere, "Um, what?" moment. There is a reason for her doing this, isn't just being random, that we'll come back to down the line.

The cutie mark aspect of it... It was noticed pretty much immediately and is how I explained the concept to Adam when we designed it, but wasn't in my mind coming up with it. Main thought process was just giving Sareena some kind of small visual mark for what Demon!Ana has in mind catered to her general aesthetic / personality, and putting it somewhere where it would be out of the way and not immediately visible. And that would be why she's not getting Misty right now.

This'll be the last page for awhile where we really focus on this group. They don't appear again for the rest of this chapter, and while they're in the next one their roles are minor. Sort of, what exactly is going on there will likely become clear when we get to it. Also Ana does have some indirect involvement in the between-chapters filler, so there's that.

Speaking of, two pages left in the chapter, both closing off some loose ends and setting things up for the future though neither one really directly leading into the next chapter itself. We'll have a four page filler arc after those, then we'll get to chapter fourteen - Like the Rain, They Fall. On another note, I need to stop putting commas in the chapter titles, it's really awkward to type around and not counting BP chapters that one will be the third of the four chapters to have one.

We'll be seeing somebody who hasn't shown up in BP in a bit in the next page, and who has never shown up in WaR. Stay tuned!
Left on Shopping Star, Burning Bright- Page 37