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The Book of Three
fan adaptation of the first novel in The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander
Last update: 16th May 2020, 2:28 AM
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Fancomic adaptation of The Book of Three, the first book in Lloyd Alexander's kidlit classic series The Chronicles of Prydain. A young Assistant Pig-Keeper who dreams of heroism is thrust into adventure and a journey of discovery. Updates on Mondays and sometimes Thursdays.

Prydain and its characters are the creation of Lloyd Alexander. Artist profits in no way from this fanwork, and highly recommends anyone who enjoys this comic check out the books: The Chronicles of Prydain, easily available in trade paperback on amazon.


Drawing longer than most people on this site have been alive, but only delved into comics a few years ago. Loves classic children's literature, celtic fantasy, Wales, and Assistant Pig-Keepers. In no particular order. Freelance illustrator of children's books and art coloring books.

Likes: singing, fanfiction, literary crit, sarcasm, 80s nostalgia, Henson, mountains, oceans, castles, and costumes.

Dislikes: politicians, internet trolls, and when people clear-cut woods to build ugly houses.

Other art, Prydain and otherwise here. ''

My Prydain fanfiction HERE.

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That was my goal! :) It's definitely satisfied my own craving.
Well, it makes me all the happier that I found your wonderfully faithful adaption - I can imagine the "film" version in my head while reading your version. :)
Welcome! Glad you found me!

I saw that most recent blurb but I have yet to see it confirmed by a source I trust - it appears to be based on hearsay from a Patreon artist who claims insider information. I also have a bit of insider information however and can confirm that there has not yet been any statement by Disney within at least its broader creative team that this is in the works. I don’t know how to feel about it all any more, except to hope that if all they intend is a “remake” of The Black Cauldron they will abandon the property altogether.

My understanding is that they own all visual rights to the material, so a comic would also fall under their jurisdiction. Sadly I suspect that means they are more likely to force me to take it down than come to a publishing agreement, but maybe I’m too cynical.
I also read your comment about how Disney isn't moving forward with a new "live action" adaption some years ago - but then I recently saw this: https://www.cbr.com/report-disney-developing-live-action-black-cauldron-project/
Wow - so, I just discovered your Graphic Novel of The Book of Three last night! LOVE IT. Been a fan of the series since I was a boy. I am a children's librarian for the past 26 years, but have not been able to elicit much interest in the series from my kids - this would be an ideal way. Surprised that this hasn't been picked up by a proper publisher - I suppose that there are rights issues...