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Webcomic profile: The Book of Three
The Book of Three
fan adaptation of the first novel in The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander
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Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
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Last update: 6 days ago, 12:10 AM
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Webcomic description

Fancomic adaptation of The Book of Three, the first book in Lloyd Alexander's kidlit classic series The Chronicles of Prydain. A young Assistant Pig-Keeper who dreams of heroism is thrust into adventure and a journey of discovery. Updates on Mondays and sometimes Thursdays.

Prydain and its characters are the creation of Lloyd Alexander. Artist profits in no way from this fanwork, and highly recommends anyone who enjoys this comic check out the books: The Chronicles of Prydain, easily available in trade paperback on amazon.


Saeriellyn has been drawing longer than most people on this site have been alive, but only delved into comics a few years ago. She loves children's literature, celtic fantasy, Wales, and Assistant Pig-Keepers. She will wax verbose with anyone who interacts with her regarding all these topics, and her related work especially.

She's happily married to a fellow fantasy nerd and costume designer, and homeschools three kids, which means in her spare time she likes to go to the bathroom alone.

She enjoys singing, art, pretending she can dance, sarcasm, 80s nostalgia, Jim Henson, mountains, castles, and costumes. She does not like politicians, internet trolls, and when people clear-cut woods to build ugly housing developments.

Most recent comments left on The Book of Three

lol yes, I was a little miffed about that myself. The revelation came from the book Celtic Myth in Contemporary Children's Fantasy by Dr. Dimitra Fimi, a UK professor (and, incidentally, a follower of this comic!). To quote her lengthy passage on the subject:

"The mythological motif presented here parallels the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. Stories of a monumental flood, and of the humans and animals who survived it to repopulate the earth, abound in many cultures. Lady Guest records the Welsh version of a flood myth when she quotes another Triad:

"The three great exploits of the Island of Britain: The ship of Nevydd Nav Neivion, which carried in it a male and female of all things living, when the Lake of floods burst forth. And the horned oxen of Hu the Mighty, which drew the Avanc of the Lake to land, so that the Lake burst forth no more. And the stones of Gwyddon Ganhebon, on which were read all the arts and sciences of the world.85"

Unfortunately, this is an entirely invented Triad, forged by Iolo Morganwg, one of the remaining 42 in the Myvyrian Third Series.86"

(In other words, Iolo Morganwyg made up a bunch of stuff that he claimed was recorded ancient myth, forged the documentation, and did it so well that even Lady Guest thought it was legit enough to include in her translation of the Mabinogion. Apparently Iolo's forgeries were not proven so until much later.)
Left on Chapter 13 Page 18
Miss K
2 days ago
I've lived nearly my whole life believing that Lloyd Alexander knew what he was talking about with there being a Welsh Noah — and now you tell me he was wrong? After all those dinner party conversations where my audience's eyes glazed over while I waxed on about the universality of the Flood Myth, you tell me I was WRONG? (Hint: I'm NOT young so this has been QUITE a while of belief.) Well. In spite of that unpleasant revelation (source, please, if you get the chance!), as always your work is a welcome amazement. Thank you.
Left on Chapter 13 Page 18
Skye (Guest)
2 days ago
I always enjoyed this part of the book. In addition to Taran learning a bit more it is also such a great world building sequence as well. There is history and myths beyond the scope of this story. Alexander does a great job of giving the reader just enough to be able to fill in some blanks but also leaving some mystery for the imagination.
Left on Chapter 13 page 19
5 days ago
Thank you! There’s a lot to unpack with Medwyn in a short time frame, and I wish it had more action than it does, but I’ve done my best with it!
Left on Chapter 13 page 19
CA (Guest)
5 days ago
You've done such a good job with this chapter. I feel like Medwyn is an underrated mentor for Taran. Maybe not as significant as Dalben, Gwydion, or a couple others, but he definitely plays a big role in his life and character arc. You've done great bringing that to life here.
Left on Chapter 13 page 19