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Last update: 4th Mar 2016, 2:53 AM
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Set is a uromastyx maliensis, more commonly known as a spiny-tailed lizard. With questionable intellect, an overbearing attitude of entitlement, and a god complex, Set has trouble accepting the fact that he is just a pet lizard and not really the Egyptian god of deserts, chaos and storms for which he was named. Sporadic updates as time allows.


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Just do it man, your lizard seems like a cool dude man, just be cool man
Thank you, yes, he will live on. Going to try to do about one strip per week. The strip following this one, Gravity Waves, was originally supposed to be black and white, for speed's sake, but I couldn't resist making it color after I got it finished so quickly.
LOL yeah it took a while to get back to it, but it's good to be drawing it again.
Thanks, Stven. It's good to be drawing it again.
Thanks, Bear! Yeah, I wish I could bring him back, too. He'll live on in the strip. His daydreams are fun to draw, the colorful Egyptian stuff.

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