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A young man, named Simon, swamped in debt and owing big to a gang is desperate for quick, large cash. luck would find him one day in a news paper ad offering the high pay he needs.

"caretaker wanted for house of often away owner. $10,000 a month."

Simon, desperate, had accepted the job meeting the strange owner with even stranger rules. finding out after arriving that the owner has "exotic pets" requiring special care. Simon will soon learn that the owner didn't mean lizards or snakes and that he should have rethought the news ads fine print.



reddog f.13
reddog f.13
i love making comics and hope it to be my job someday.

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4 days ago
Jeez, they're hunting Simon? This sounds like he owes more than just money
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11 days ago
Ohhh the guys are still alive at least. Even loan sharks probably don't need to be ripped to shreds
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reddog f.13
1st Feb 2020
reddog f.13
it takes a lot of salt water that still freshly liquid aka not drying or only damp. salt alone will hurt it, but it doesint stick like when mixed with water.
so if the salt soaked clothes dry they wont really give much protection and soaked clothes can be a heavy weight on you.

it works mainly in this situation because its a focused splash of salty water. on clothes the doppel could just throw you around like a hot potato.
the doppel isint just looking to eat him, its goal is to kill.
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Guest (Guest)
1st Feb 2020
Could wearing clothes that had been soaked in extremely salty water repel a doppel, if Simon didn't want to carry a bunch of salt water around with him in the future? It would probably make them feel gross and scratchy, but it seems like it would make the wearer less appetizing to creatures that don't like salt (and the doppel obviously doesn't react well to salt).
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Silver Huskey (Guest)
31st Jan 2020
Hmm. Feel the burn, Doppel!
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