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Keep the doors shut!
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A young man, named Simon, swamped in debt and owing big to a gang is desperate for quick, large cash. luck would find him one day in a news paper ad offering the high pay he needs.

Simon, desperate, had accepted the job meeting the strange owner with even stranger rules. finding out after arriving that the owner has "exotic pets" requiring special care. Simon will soon learn that the owner didn't mean lizards or snakes and that he should have rethought the news ads fine print.


reddog f.13
reddog f.13
i love making comics and hope it to be my job someday.

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He just wanted a house party. Why you gotta be a party pooper?
reddog f.13
only god can call the eviction. :v
At this point, I'd call Samuel and tell him his bro is wrecking his house and he should probably file for eviction
reddog f.13
he just needs a snickers. :v
Lucifer you stinky ass grump butt.