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Off World: The Crease
A sci-fi/fantasy graphic novel by DizzasterJuice
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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These vast distances of space are only traversed by the benefit of massive star bases that generate the extensive amounts of energy needed to fold space. These star bases have been in use for almost a century and are now considered a common sight in the galaxy. But there was a time when it wasn’t as safe to travel the folds and ships were lost. It was rumored that when a ship disappeared it fell in to an unknown area of space...a place halfway between the origin and destination... a place known as “The Crease”.


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“That building/station”
It reminds me of the old Galactic Civilization game from a bit back. Mostly just the color scheme and shapes though, I always went with blue highlights.
How could you forget the intros of K'hiki and Rikalla? =)
Same. For example, I have no idea/memory who Rikki is, where she came from, what she's doing there, etc. And she's not listed in the character archive.

Perhaps if I were better at distinguishing between characters (not just in this comic - it's a constant thing I deal with in a lot of the comics I read), but I'm not, so...
Right now I've only been posting that info on patreon but once we get farther along we'll have some kind of fundraising page.
You do have a point. I usually add a short location dialogue when I change locations but I forgot. Corrected.