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Off World: The Crease
A sci-fi/fantasy graphic novel by DizzasterJuice
Last update: 14th Feb 2021, 9:57 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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These vast distances of space are only traversed by the benefit of massive star bases that generate the extensive amounts of energy needed to fold space. These star bases have been in use for almost a century and are now considered a common sight in the galaxy. But there was a time when it wasn’t as safe to travel the folds and ships were lost. It was rumored that when a ship disappeared it fell in to an unknown area of space...a place halfway between the origin and destination... a place known as “The Crease”.


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Several have disappeared then I found out later they had a major health issue.

I hope Dizz is alright
“That's the main point”
It's more a worry that something bad has happened when a comic just stops. A comment about what's going on would make us readers more relaxed about waiting for more updates
Clearly, the GUEST above me trusts liberal-biased media implicitly, without verifying through independent sources. Pelosi was the instigator of the so called riot. She was in charge of capital security and not only called off requests to have more guards stationed, but actually had security open the doors for people to enter. This is caught on video. Funny enough, Pelosi was the first to bring charges against Trump for this, the most outspoken to demand a Congressional investigation into it and the one demanding to be put in charge of said investigation...

Search for these (if you dare):

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I also support artists I enjoy, I doate what I can and in this case I can only hope all is ok.
Hey, none of us would be complaining if it weren't such a great comic. As to the "get what you pay for" comment, I do support the artists I like most, and used to be a Patreon for this one but had to stop when too many months went by without any new content. It's not even a matter of being salty about it or anything, just fair exchange. If Dizz is too busy making his game right now, then I'm happy for him. I'll miss having these updates to look forward to (and the other content he used to post on Patreon), and once he has time to post those regularly again I will happily reinstate my support.