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Comic profile: The Crossover
The Crossover
It's a big Multiverse. You need a drink.
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Comic description

Liss Liddell is an interdimensional thief. She operates out of a bar called The Crossover, neutral territory for any smuggler, fugitive or desperado in the multiverse. Liss specializes in "artificts", famous items from alternate fictional realities called alternities. She's also an eyemage, a sorceress skilled in illusion spells. Angels, aliens, robots, gods, puppets, animal ghosts, shapeshifters, supervillains and sentient concepts share a drink--and sometimes a story--in the bar, and you never can tell who will drop by . . .


I'm a paperback writer, just like the song. 24 novels so far, published in six different languages on five different continents under four different pseudonyms. Google me! I have a wikipedia page and everything (under the name Don DeBrandt). I love comics and supporting other creators, so this is my attempt at doing both while spinning an entertaining tale. Steampunk! Superheroes! Kickass genderfluid shapeshifting protagonists! A multiversal bar! Weird art! Too many exclamation points but only in this description! Zombie Puppets! Interdimensional Hijinx with Interdimensional Rock Stars! Unspeakable Horrors That Still Have A Sense Of Humor! TOO MUCH CAPITALIZATION! okay i think i'm done