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A series of novels I thought of
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When you die what happens if you reincarnate if you if you die of reincarnation then what happens if you find your soul missing the memories of its past but remembering the enemy of long ago


Cloud TEM
Cloud TEM
I love chikorita

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Cloud TEM
“Thank you”
Thank you for the compliment I appreciate it I really hope you will injoy the rest of it 😁
I haven't yet looked at any more pages yet but I just wanna say: your attitude is great! "I will post when I feel like it" is such a good approach to webcomics, I hope you enjoy making stuff for as long as possible, regardless of the content or quality <3

We're all releasing our stuff for free, so our own happiness should be paramount, in my opinion...
Cloud TEM
“It has been done”
Cloud TEM
Very well
you need to use another font for your text. this is totally unreadable.