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The Dragon Chapel
Fantasy! Adventure! And a Harrowing Journey!
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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An unborn dragon has been declared the next guardian of a vast kingdom, and a lone cherub is tasked with delivering that dragon egg across that kingdom to be inducted into the role, all the while making allies and enemies along the way!


Passionate about art and webcomics! Been seriously drawing comics since 2008, but only now at the level of draftsmanship that I'm quite satisfied with. My graphic novel, Dragon Chapel is intended to be my magnum opus and will be worked on and eventually available in print. I like the aesthetic, movies and fashion trends of the 80's.

My official Dragon Chapel web site: https://thedragonchapel.com/

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Well the lastest version is $50, but the best investment I ever made! You're always welcome, BlueDragon 😊
My apologies! Thanks for letting me know :3
Man, I really need to take the time to learn how to use that program (I have the older version which was still called Manga Studio.) Thanks for letting me know!
Rage at the speed of sound! lol