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Last update: 4th Sep 2016, 5:13 PM
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On the Far Side of Utopia is a on-going urban fantasy comic. Dimensional boundaries link several worlds, whose ideas, culture, methods of government, and knowledge of magic and technology are beginning to pool and clash in the wake of the introduction of stable, reliable, interdimensional portal technology.

In a complex power struggle, people and organizations alike struggle to gain and retain influence, to stay relevant in a rapidly shifting world. The story starts in Malsa – a small, but fairly prosperous country, that is suspicious of Interdimensional Security (IDS), resentful of the PACT Corporation Alliance, and seeking both power and independence in a world that seems increasingly controlled by nonrepresentational powers; here we see the intersection of a rogue IDS investigator, a suspicious and angry former partner, a bright, dedicated, and ambitious branch head, a tired but dedicated hero turned IDS Director, and many many more.

In short, this comic contains: Magical battles, killer robots, political intrigue, eugenics, interdeminsional wars, demons, intricate complicated magical theories, relationships old and new, non-killer robots, magical engineers, evil corporations, not-evil corporations, ancient cults, a girl that just wants to save the world, a man that wants to rule the world, a boy that just wants to see it burn, and so much more. If none those sound interesting, you’ve come to the wrong place.


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Haha, I do enjoy that scarf. It has a fairly complete disdain for the laws of physics, but all the best scarfs do... ;)
That's an utterly awesome scarf. If that kind of clothing is illegal then I want to be as criminal as I can.
Another new page in under a month, that's almost like... bounding progress.

As always, if you want to catch up to live without waiting for my slow arse to redraw the first couple hundred pages, you can over here

I worry redrawing these pages is sort of a fool's game, since I only spend about an hour or two they are pretty sketchy. Then I remember exactly how bad the original ones were. The art of the actual updates still has a way to go, but is better than these redraws. Maybe in the magic land of rainbows called the future I'll have time to redraw everything at the standard 4-6 hours a page, or the 8-10 hours I actually should spend on making a page. Or I'll write a novel. :|
Author Note
What's this? An update? Why yes, finally had time to circle back and do another page, and figured, what the hell, might keep this going in the hopes that I'll get more done.

Maybe some point we'll get to art that's good enough to dump the old pages here and catch up to live, but... in the meantime, you can always brave bad and catch up over starting here.
Author Note
Well, it's been a long time since we've had an update here. I've had some reshuffling in life (a new job, mostly) and much less time to draw. The original ( still updates twice a week, but luxuries like redrawing the old pages have become a scarce commodity. Will continue to update here when possible though ;)
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