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After an orphaned Aiden Grant became friends with Ingrid Malone. She hires him to work for her as a professional ghost hunter.SSo, now that he has a place to stay that's safe and rent free. He must repay her by catching the paranormal baddies. For her scientific research. And also he must indeed become the fiend finder. So he can clean up the streets of the city of haints. By catching one baddie at a time. During the witching hour. Before all of Gloomington gets destroyed by their demonic rampage.


Michael Burkeen jr .... Likes the ladies, drawing, carving hiking sticks for ends neat. And visiting with family and a few selective friends.Plus I'm usually a pretty easy going dude. Unless I'm given a reason not to be

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More of this comic is coming . The story line is still in the works. Because I put the chapters on backwards . So I had to go over it again. But I assure you. You will see more from this .web series. Merely because I'm a perfectionist with ADHD. But, please keep calm and continue to read the fiend finder.hashtag💯♾️