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During the witching hour A hero that goes by the Fiend finder lingers between every shadow and betwixt each corner In hopes of keeping the city of Gloomington Delaware protected from the things that go
bump in the night And if it wasn't for Ingrid Malone who took him under her wing All hell would break loose on that paranormal vottex of which they call home.


⚠️ You may need to zoom in by phone fora better view for some pages. Because those were made before I got my new tablet 😜 Anyway , Hey I'm Michael..... And the fiend finder was created by a single straight guy that was bored out of his mind during the pandemic of whom has ADHD. Just a heads up.
In case of any future awkward moments. However, it turns out that I created a likeable superhero. And made a few friends on here and YouTube along this journey. and for that I'm thankful and I'm also thankful for my family. Pets and my hiking stick business.

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By my friend's band the Elysiums
Thank you I'll be here all week.
Yeah because she gets plenty of cash making flying cars. For the police and etc. As you already seen . Two flying vehicles other than the stratocab.
Holiday cards 🤣
She'd probably rather have that than money

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