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- The Golden Rule takes part 9 years after the events of TLK2.
Kiara has ruled the pridelands for years now, her time is coming to an end. Same goes for her husband and king, Kovu. However, before being able to pass down the crown to their eldest son, Tumi. They've uncovered a secret, that will shake their world apart. Their passiveness and feckless behavior towards the acts of their own children, will cost them dearly. And all hope seems lost when the crown is placed on the head of their youngest child. Sandura.


Heyo, names IParamanos.

I'm an amateur comic artist that has several stories in the making.

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Hello dear,
Glad to be of help. I am really enjoying this comic and the characters are drawn beautifully.

I thought about a panel that gives the reader an overview from a bird's-eye perspective where all characters are visible together. The further you zoom away from the group the smaller get the characters so it should be possible to suit them all into one panel. 😁

The colored speech bubbles are a nice touch btw. I noticed that detail long ago. It makes this comic very unique!
Oh no you're not being rude at all! This is feedback and I greatly appreciate that!

It is an issue with that I have with to many character's sharing the same panel. There is a running theme tho, where the character's eye colors reflect their speech-bubbles. I hope that helps clear a bit of confusion. I can see how it can be confusion when new character's are introduced and it isn't abundantly clear who is talking, and who isn't x)

I will keep this in mind however for the future! I hope I can make things a bit more clearer in the future with speech-bubbles and stuff c:
I don't mean to be rude. It's just very confusing how many lions there are, what's happening in general and who is speaking to whom. Maybe it's intended to leave the readers in the shadow but if not it would be helpful to have a panel from a different angle which shows an overview of the whole scenery.

Just saying, I am super curious about these males!
She* c:
And yeah she did say it nicely... Guess San can't be criticized cuz feelings :c

Thank you ♥
He DID say it nicely,Malani..get your head down from em pink heart shaped clouds for a bit.

Happy holidays to you too,author!