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- The Golden Rule takes part 9 years after the events of TLK2.
Kiara has ruled the pridelands for years now, her time is coming to an end. Same goes for her husband and king, Kovu. However, before being able to pass down the crown to their eldest son, Tumi. They've uncovered a secret, that will shake their world apart. Their passiveness and feckless behavior towards the acts of their own children, will cost them dearly. And all hope seems lost when the crown is placed on the head of their youngest child. Sandura.


Heyo, names IParamanos.

I'm an amateur comic artist that has several stories in the making.

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Last page of the year!

Imma take this spot to wish you all a -early- happy new year!
Please stay safe! ♥♥♥
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And we're back again! We'll be updating every Wednesday as usual!

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Thank you so much! We'll be back on the 16th! c:
Your artwork is beautiful! Cant wait to