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Webcomic profile: The "Haunted" Mansion
The "Haunted" Mansion
Simply Smashing!
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Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Discontinued/Completed
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Last update: 1st Feb 2015, 3:33 AM
Number of comics: 13
Number of subscribers: 0
Visitors: 2618 visitors (6667 pages viewed)
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Webcomic description

A plucky robot child, a future space-rocket lady, and a sword-wielding mercenary are all looking for a quick buck. In order to secure this speedy cent, they must find and defeat a ghost in a supposedly haunted mansion. How they expect to do that without a super suction device is beyond me, but whatever. However, much to their surprise, there are actually two ghosts on this hazy night, and they may well prove to be more than they can handle, even if they combine their strengths.

One-shot comic completed in under 48 hours: 24 hours for the writing/planning, and 24 hours for the actual pages.


I draw cartoons and make websites.

My tool is the mechanical pencil. My muse is cartooning. My favorite dish is ramen with cheese. My affiliation is Miscellaneous. I have Stuff. And I Produce things.

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Most recent comments left on The "Haunted" Mansion

1st Feb 2015
And that's the end of that.

Look who decided to drop in! It's Elmer from Elmer the Eccentric, a comic probably not created by me! You should check it out if you enjoyed this minicomic!

Shameless advertising for the win!

Oh yeah, if it wasn't for all three of us working together, this comic never would have happened, and we all had just as much to do with it as the others. This was a team effort.
Left on Page 12
1st Feb 2015
Good thing Pacin didn't lock himself out of his apartment again. That was too close.
Left on Page 11
1st Feb 2015
It looks like Pacin is all out of luck. And projectiles.
Left on Page 10
1st Feb 2015
Corbi likes candy. A lot. Those things surrounding Pacin are candy, right?
Left on Page 09
1st Feb 2015
...Well then.

Poor Robot Lad.
Left on Page 08