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You can bet on it.
Last update: 4th Jul 2016, 12:00 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Things in year 11232 can be much simplier than they are now. Give up on your free will, live a simple life, do not cause trouble. And the Sanctum Institution will protect you under its holy wings.

But... what if this is not the life you wanted? What if this is not the life you asked? And what if you're forced to live this way, and trained to survive in a hostile universe?

There's only one way IN. The Rule of Violence is forbidden. Muscles in universe ceased to exist long ago. Turn your brain on. Time to play. Time to duel. TIME TO GAMBLE!


Must-a smoke a lot less than i actually do!

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Yup, I'm aware unfortunately! I'm still working on everything and most of the links still refer to this website, everything will be soon uniformed :3
Hey, Arty!

Your TWC links still point back to this site. Thought you might want to know. :-)
Thats right! Big new for THE HIGHEST BET, that finally has its own domain, and finally turns into a some new real shit!


So, this website will soon be closed. After fixing a few things, www.thehighestbet.com will be the main and only website for this comic. If you follow the italian translation, you can keep following it on the Facebook THB page.

After years and years, I decided to get things seriously. As you may notice on the new website, I also decided to open a Patreon, so to keep my art going to you all.

All I have to do now is to thank you all. For supporting me and keeping my soul alive and creative, things are going to get juicy now! Also, thanks to Comicfury and its stuff, for hosting my comic for free for all this time. You're awesome to no limit, keep it up.

See you all on the other webside--!
Author Note
I can assure it's not, actually it's quite the opposite! Things are going to get real at last, you'll see

I'd be the first one saying nothing like that, if I wasn't really happy and excited for what's coming
I see, but it's still not encouraging... It gives the impression the comic is declining.