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Stories about the Greek gods
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My own take on Greek mythology. Join Hermes, Hades, Persephone, Athena and the others as they try to deal with themselves, their complicated family and those strange humans.


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This page was no easy thing! I never visited Corinth when I was in Greece, so I did some research and immediately encountered a problem. Ancient Corinth was destroyed by the Romans in 146 BCE and later rebuilt as a Roman colony, so all the reconstructions of the city that I found was how it looked like after that. Which of course was way too late for my story (my comics don’t really take place at a certain time period, but I usually try to stay within the archaic/classical period for those stories that take place in the “present”). Guess I’ll be using ancient Athens quite much as inspiration…

The deer was Artemis’ symbol rather than the cat, but a deer entering a market place would have looked quite strange. And when the gods fled to Egypt to hide from Typhon, Artemis is said to have turned into a cat.
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She would never admit it, though. ^^
... somebody is collecting children :)
Thank you so much! This made my day. <3
Beautiful scene!

I should repeat every other chapter that this is probably my favourite comic of hundreds, even if I sometimes forget it for a while. Your depiction of Persephone is ... simply right. And very touching.