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My own take on Greek mythology. Join Hermes, Hades, Persephone, Athena and the others as they try to deal with themselves, their complicated family and those strange humans.


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Athena and Artemis are only mentioned towards the end of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter as being among Persephone’s companions when she was abducted, but they played a slightly bigger role in other versions of the myth.

“Another feature with perhaps Orphic associations is the presence of Athena and Artemis to aid Demeter in her search or even to resist Hades at the time of the abduction; the former situation is implied by Euripides (Hel 1310-18), the latter described in detail by Claudian (RP 2.204-31). In both cases Zeus intervenes (with a thunderbolt in Claudian) to discourage pursuit of the abductor.”

Early Greek Myth: A Guide to Literary and Artistic Sources by Timothy Gantz
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the panel at the top is so beautiful
How Persephone would end up in the Underworld in my version was one thing that I always had a hard time to decide. It was tempting to let her go there by her own choice and not allude to the myths at all, but it also felt a bit wrong to erase the kidnapping completely. So I went for something in between. I wanted to let Hades do something he shouldn’t have done, and I wanted to give Demeter a good reason to later unleash her terrible powers on the world.
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I don't actually log-in to Tumblr to read it, I subscribe to updates on both sites via RSS and then I can go direct to whichever site when it's updated -- so I'm reading ahead on the tumblr when that updates but the pages seem fuzzy on there (although I have JUST realised I can click through and see them in better resolution on there, so um, never mind).

That being said, I still prefer this site for the archive anyway :)
Ah - thanks! :-)