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Comic profile: The ILL
The Age Of Superheroes Has Ended!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Other
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Last update: 1st Jul 2017
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Comic description

The ILL#1- The first and greatest superhero of them all changed the world 15 years ago by erasing mankind's memories of superheroes! Why, suddenly, are the memories returning? The first storyarc, 'Peace On One Earth', introduces a world awakening from a dream of normalcy to the weird, cosmic, costumed reality that awaits them! A 31-issue series, written and drawn by M.Watkins.


Most recent comments left on The ILL

Jack Talk Thai
1st Jul 2017
Much thanks to Quetzlsacatanango for this cover! he's provided artwork before, and has a few more pieces coming up in the very near future! Click on his name in my subscriber list and check him out. Great talent and all around great guy.
Left on Ill # 25
Jack Talk Thai
1st Jul 2017
After Vol 1 of The Ill has ended and before Vol 2 begins...comes PRELUDE! A special one-shot story featuring heroes and villains from across the world of The Ill!
*Meet--for the second time--the man who ran Ark-Tech before Director Skarrd! Who killed him...?
*What ultimately became of the Warmaiden Mor-Gann--and how did she lose her legendary sword?
*What shocking secrets are uncovered as Agent Jane Ainsley investigates a cosmic murder scene?
It comes between the two volumes, but it's NOT an 'interlude''s a PRELUDE. A prelude to what...keep reading!
Jack Talk Thai
1st Jul 2017
Enjoy this early preview...full issue up soon, complete with TWO other stories!
Left on Ill 25 6
Jack Talk Thai
16th May 2017
Also: There's a sneak peek at the three covers for The Ill #25 here, as well. Thanks Quetz and Mainman for the artistic magic you provide!
Left on 25 issues!
Jack Talk Thai
16th May 2017
So happy to be approaching the 25th issue. Drawing these as a kid I never imagined I'd dust these guys off as an adult and share them with the world. Thanks for reading and giving me an excuse to transport myself to the city of Freemantle, where flying men and women dot the skies and monsters dwell in the sewers, every few weeks or so.
Left on 25 issues!