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Comic profile: The ILL
The Age Of Superheroes Has Ended!
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Comic description

The ILL#1- The first and greatest superhero of them all changed the world 15 years ago by erasing mankind's memories of superheroes! Why, suddenly, are the memories returning? The first storyarc, 'Peace On One Earth', introduces a world awakening from a dream of normalcy to the weird, cosmic, costumed reality that awaits them! A 31-issue series, written and drawn by M.Watkins.


Most recent comments left on The ILL

Jack Talk Thai
3 days ago
More to come...MUCH more to come, as this will be a lengthy one. Hope you enjoy these few preview pages!
Left on ill2610
Kevin Given (Guest)
31st Jan 2018
I will be reviewing this web comic on the "Comics for Sinners" website, look for it soon.
Left on The Ill #1 page 23
Jack Talk Thai
3rd Nov 2017
The Ill #26: From the Big Bang--the birth of Invictus-- to the End of Time, where only One Man remains to guard a dead Earth ... the history of the Universe, Ark Tech, and the heroes themselves! Plus: The unexpected RETURN of someone you thought you'd NEVER see again!
Left on #26
Jack Talk Thai
26th Sep 2017
Here's a link to the page showing Tamsen buying the flame tablets.

Hints and Foreshadows!
Left on #14
Jack Talk Thai
26th Sep 2017
We'll pick up on this and a few other dangling plot threads in issue #27--we'll meet The Daybreaker's wife and hear her story, we'll FINALLY hear the story of the Secret Cipher and its surprising members, and we'll also FINALLY meet the Uni-Men, from the fabled city of Antipodes on the other side of the sun. Next issue,we will hang out with Skarrd as he learns the secrets of everything and we will watch Europa as she looks over my shoulder as I draw. Seriously. See you guys (relatively) soon...there will be some long-overdue Who's Who pages in the meantime,covering folks like Thor, the Observers of All, and The Club itself. -M
Left on #17