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The Age Of Superheroes Has Ended!
Last update: 28th Mar 2021, 11:30 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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The ILL#1- The first and greatest superhero of them all changed the world 15 years ago by erasing mankind's memories of superheroes! Why, suddenly, are the memories returning? The first storyarc, 'Peace On One Earth', introduces a world awakening from a dream of normalcy to the weird, cosmic, costumed reality that awaits them! A 31-issue series, written and drawn by M.Watkins.


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I realize how disorganized this comic is in terms of being able to go directly to a specific issue. This will be fixed soon. -M
Author Note
Elena was first hinted at in the second panel of the second page of The Ill #13, awhile back. I plan this shit faaaaarrrr in advance, dude. http://theill.thecomicseries.com/comics/340
MISTAKE #1: This is actually picking up from where we left off in the double-sized issue #25. I'll go in and fix that soon. -M
More to come in this issue, as we make our way to #30 for the big wrap-up. Full issue up soon!- M
Author Note
7 page preview coming soon.