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The Keep on the Borderlands
Follow our heroes as they bungle their way through Fantasy Adventure
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
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Last update: 6 days ago, 2:02 AM
Number of comics: 281
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Comic description

Follow my adventurers as they travel through The Keep on the Borderlands adventure. They also go through The King's Festival adventure as a prelude. The characters in this comic are based on PCs from an old tabletop game I played in my teens, this comic is driven by characters, but the results of actions are based on dice rolls, just like a table top game. I have stats for each one of these guys, and I have the rolls determining success or failure with every action. I don't know who is going to live and who is going to die. So let's discover together what is going to happen!


I draw comics.

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6 days ago
Not that what she is doing he helpful, or sensical, but that isn't her fault. Alleandros' charm spell is still wreaking havoc on her.
Left on Illerya says she's here to help
Two weeks ago
Sorry for the delay on this post, work had me travelling and it was difficult to get back into the groove on producing the comic.


I posted a new in-color pin up of Illerya. Vote incentive at Top Web comics link below if you would like to see it!
Left on Illerya comes to visit Blueblade
23rd Sep 2018
That Elven Advisor has got to go!
Left on Hawkeye gets arrested too.
16th Sep 2018
The actual version of this page is on my Patreon feed. But if you are just reading through, this should be sufficient to follow the story. :)

I'm working on sanitizing the public version of my comic, and a full sex scene between Illerya and Alleandros would work counter to that goal. This is my solution for the time being.
Left on Alleandros sleeps with Illerya
9th Sep 2018
I have four threads going in the comic right now. If this was an HBO tv show this would be about the time in the episode for there to be a song that would play, and they would show all the characters emoting and gazing off in the distance while the music explained everything to us. In this case I'm playing This song:

The reason why I chose this song is because when I was 14 I really liked Enya. I was an odd child and grew up to be an ever more bizarre adult, but I wanted to make this comic, which is about my D&D adventures as a teenager, to touch on some of the music I listened to when I was role-playing this adventure. Also I still think the song is good and the lyrics are evocative of what the characters are going through.
Left on The Status of Things.