The Keep on the Borderlands
Follow our heroes as they bungle their way through Fantasy Adventure
Last update: 26th Feb 2022, 5:58 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Follow my adventurers as they travel through The Keep on the Borderlands adventure. They also go through The King's Festival adventure as a prelude. The characters in this comic are based on PCs from an old tabletop game I played in my teens, this comic is driven by characters, but the results of actions are based on dice rolls, just like a table top game. I have stats for each one of these guys, and I have the rolls determining success or failure with every action. I don't know who is going to live and who is going to die. So let's discover together what is going to happen!


I draw comics.

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Nope. Still there.
Did something happened to your new site?
Thank you for the kind words!

Go to the new site here for more. I update here at comic fury less frequently now.
Wow! Last I heard you had stopped the webcomic, but I just happened to come back to look at some of the back issues and here you are going strong again. Great stuff man. I was waiting for them to get to the temple of evil.
You have come a long way from those opening scenes with Sarkin. Your style, shading and backgrounds have improved 100%. And might I add that your action scenes are incredible. Just enough to fill in the blanks with the readers mind yet telling the whole of the story as well.
Congrats man on a job well done.
Get more frequent updates at at my main website.
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