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The king of liars
Perfection is a lie
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John Johnson is an infamous lawyer who accept to defend anyone who is able to pay, the only reason why this guy and his partners are not on jail it's because there's no real clues of his crimes, but even if the justice is not able to suppose a problem for him, the kind of life that someone like this have is not precisely quiet, terrorists, assassins, sadics, and all kind of non-grata people are going to remind him that maybe his life-choices weren't the best this webcomic is based on pokemon mystery dungeon, but on modern days.

Disclaimer:Even when the advert of +18 content this is not going to be any kind of hentai or gore-based comic what it means is that i won´t put any censorship on the story if blood or nudes would have logic to apear.


I never give up, and if you say another thing i will kill ya,ok? ^^

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I cannot believe that i finally managed to update on time
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For the ones of smackjeeves (like 8 people, it´s a bit sad) that´s a new begining, tkol is going to start again, the same story, but with more attention to details on my side
Author Note