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The slightly tongue-in-cheek adventures of Khthonis the orc
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A High Fantasy tale exploring the relationship between xenophobia and fascism. Follow the slightly tongue-in-cheek adventures of Khthonis the Orc. Laughably over the top action! Preposterous fashion tips! Ludicrous plot twists! And maybe more! Rated PG-13

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I'm hoping the fish lady will punch her in the crotch!
your choreography is breath-taking, man.
The question now is whether bone-face can pull her sword out quickly enough to parry the next blow
Except from the way it's drawn, it looks like she'd just missed on a back sweep & her momentum is the wrong way to take advantage of that opening. What we have here is the classic "Edge vs Point" situation, where the odds usually favor "Point".
overhand downward strike right between the 'horns'...
she couldn't ask for better positioning