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The slightly tongue-in-cheek adventures of Khthonis the orc
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A High Fantasy tale exploring the relationship between xenophobia and fascism. Follow the slightly tongue-in-cheek adventures of Khthonis the Orc. Risible over the top action! Preposterous fashion tips! Ludicrous plot twists! And maybe more! Rated PG-13


Industrial designer, part-time pole dancer, part time comic artist

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Khthonis can be a bit of a drama queen who wears her emotions on her sleeve
Thanks! It's not easy drawing convincing facial expressions with two big ol' tusks in the way!
It still could be: talking about her daughter with someone who knew her
Okay, maybe not 'Happy' happy, but it can be less traumatic at least
I recently caught up with a few grade school classmates after 40 years. It does make for a bit of history.
fantastic expression of emotion on these faces, bravo man.