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The Legendary Pixel Crew
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
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Comic description

A sprite-based D&D RPG webcomic about a group of adventurers aiming to become the first Epic Level Adventuring Group to appear in 15 years.


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Random Math time

Phaedrus 18 str mundane spear power attacking for 2 no additonal feats
1.5 multipliers are for using a 2 handed weapon
1d8+ 6 (4 str x 1/5) + 6 (4 power attack damage x 1.5)
so thats a minimum damage roll of 13 minus 5 for DR which should still leave him dealing 8 damage even with the worst possible feat choices.
Left on Strip 631 - "Eh... his special trick's probably not all that great anyway"
This is why Martial master isn't that good of a thing. He's loosing out on 4 damage per hit for the ability to borrow some feats a few times per day. While it is flexible he's already 4 feats up over a standard combat build of his level, if he had chosen them well then he probably wouldn't need to retrain on the fly.
Left on Strip 631 - "Eh... his special trick's probably not all that great anyway"
Oh, he had javelins, but I was far enough away that he was taking disadvantage on all his throws, and he kept rolling rubbish. The DM started having us roll con. saves, but even still..
Left on Strip 629 - This could take a while
Aaaaaand... Que Yakety Sax!
Left on Strip 630
2 days ago
If it works, it isn't stupid.
Left on Strip 630