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The Legendary Pixel Crew
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A sprite-based D&D RPG webcomic about a group of adventurers aiming to become the first Epic Level Adventuring Group to appear in 15 years.


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28th Apr 2017
Well that escalated quickly.
Left on Strip 479
25th Apr 2017
Things that work very well with a fighter dip.

Magus. (Magoi? stupid plural rules)
Any melee caster except wildshape druid or Synthesist summoner
Left on Strip 478 - "There's probably more options if you look hard enough"
24th Apr 2017
Actually, I am currently using an Int based fighter (Well, Str/Int). While not optimized, there are certainly viable int fighter builds.

I made it because our party needed a utility character and off tank.
Left on Strip 477 - "Eight Weeks with a 9th level Wizard"
22nd Apr 2017
No sadly, it doesn't. I've seen it done once to great great effect, by a guy who was heading toward Dragon Disciple and had multiclassed Fighter 8/Monk 1/Sorcerer 1 so far in the campaign I'm playing in. He deals around 70 damage minimum per round with his fists.

But aside from that extreme example, Pathfinder is usually best done with a single classe and maybe going into something like a prestige class, but highly doubtful.
Left on Strip 477 - "Eight Weeks with a 9th level Wizard"
22nd Apr 2017
Yeah, Pathfinder doesn't really encourage multiclassing. That's why they give you better abilities as you level up, especially the capstones at level 20. The question is why someone suitable to be a magus or a wizard started as a fighter anyway. No matter how much you want to build one, Int based fighters aren't viable. Anything more than a 13 is only giving you more skillpoints, which are great but not combat helpful. Certainly, nothing better than just having the points in strength.

Just to be numerically correct: Fort save is 1 higher with fighter, Will save 1 lower, Reflex is the same (at least at these very specific level differences).

Left on Strip 477 - "Eight Weeks with a 9th level Wizard"