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There was a time when Incineroar had a violent and selfish disposition... But that time has passed.

All Incineroar cares about now is his family, and he will do everything to protect them... even if it means tapping into his dark side.

Join the former Heel as he discovers a world full of scary monsters, scarier Princesses, and a powerful force of evil that will come to threaten the existence of everything he holds dear..

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TAGS: Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Mario, Incineroar, Blaziken, Chansey, Altaria, Pikachu, Bowser, Daisy


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Thx man, I've been good just had a bit on my plate recently. Hope you've been well!
Hey Blarg, keep up the awesome work. Hope you're doing how are you?
I should have but unfortunately last few days have been rough for me, didn't have time :(
Maybe you could make something for the 1-year anniversary?
Thanks mate, means a lot that you still follow this! Time sure has flown by