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The Lethian
A fantasy martial-arts action in a contemporary setting.
Last update: 27th Mar 2015, 8:00 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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"My name is Thanatos, god of death."

When nine year old Sharie loses her family to the city's most prolific crime syndicate, Baklei, it ignites in her a howling thirst for revenge.
In pursuit of strength, she becomes the first disciple of Jeremiah, a Lethian martial artist. When Sharie becomes a Lethian Novice at sixteen, Jeremiah is called back to the Academy and Sharie must return to the city. Against his orders she jumps into the DKC, Baklei's underground fighting circuit, in her search for her sister's killer. Determined to take back what she lost, she is drawn into a deeper world of drugs, prostitution, and brutality...


I am a storyteller at heart. :)


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“Finished the book in three sittings”
I really liked this book. Despite the fact it is a long book, 544 pages, I really mashed through it. First break was at about 60% where the tempo slowed down a bit.

It's a fast paced story with a a lot of very likable characters and a compelling story. For a young rookie author it's a surprisingly "deep" and complex story without getting lost in the process.

I hope you will continue writing novels (a sequel perhaps?) however much I like your web comic.

Keep it going kid! :)

Great <3

Since you ordered early on, Mjkj, I'll make sure to ship yours out as early as possible :) <3
When can I get it??? When??? '^_^
Ehehehehe, yep! :D <333