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Find wonder in the darkness...
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In a pitch dark world, Candles live in bliss in small, illuminated, villages to hide from the darkness of their world and what they fear lurks within it. However, 2 Candles are brave enough to light their wicks and step outside the safety of their village to explore their world and see what it holds for them!

The Life of Nill follows these 2 Candle Travelleres, Nill and Lueb, as they light their wicks to illuminate their path on their new journey.

But... will our brave Candles manage to finish their journey before their wicks burn out and they become forever lost in the darkness?

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Hey there!

We're a wee comic indie group from Glasgow, Scotland, called Blue Bolt Comics! We're here with our first ever comic; The Life of Nill! :)

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Hard as Graves may try, he can never seem to avoid being creepy...lovely as his sentiment may be trying to be :)
I think Graves meant well by saying they're going to be there at Nill's end, but it admittedly comes off as creepy (let's face it, no one really wants to hear the mortician explain how they will take great care in preparing your dead body when you're still alive and well).
Better run while you can Nill-
It's amazing what we can get a lotta emotion from, isn't it?
Thanks so much for reading and sharing with us :)