The Lone Swordsman
As Heaven falls, a hero rises...
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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Heaven has fallen, including its Leader, Aven, thanks to the Demon King Shutendoji's new Elite Demons. Now Shutendoji has his eyes set on Earth. Can a Lone Swordsman wielding Aven's sword stand a chance against such hopeless odds? Or will the madness of the souls he must absorb destroy him from the inside?

Rated PG-13 due to cartoon violence, blood and mild language.

This comic was originally hosted on Smackjeeves and has been ongoing since 2006. New pages are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Sol Kage
Sol Kage
I’m a trans female Webcomic writer who has been writing comics since 2006. I specialize in Shonen type stories, usually with some romance mixed in. My longest running and still running comic is The Lone Swordsman, which has been hosted on Smack Jeeves for a long time. Due to what's going on there, I will be mirroring the comic to here.

Note, I am only a writer and can't draw. I rely on other artists to produce my comics.

I'm also a big fan of the card game known as Cardfight!! Vanguard and am well known in that community.

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Sol Kage
Glad to have you back as a reader then! ^_^
OH MY GOODNESSS AHHHHHHHHHH! Now that's a throwback!
GRRR-EATINGS!!! Seeing this has been a blast through the past, I remember first seeing this back when it was on Smackjeeves. The early 2010s I was big on digesting tcgs, with vanguard being one of them, and through the vanguard wiki I found this webcomic! I.... admitably fell out of it literally right at the beginning of part 7, but seeing your recent vanguard content (part of a push to get myself to have take a plunge into current standard) made me come back to this. It's been sooo nice to see the art and the characters, just wow! Maybe one of these days I'll go back to the veeery beginning because I just went to the final duel between Kai and Kratos and started moving onwards from there for the past few days. Until here! And now I'm leaving a comment. This is good stuff!
Sol Kage
A mother's approval can cut through the darkness.
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