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All that's left is the long road ahead
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Leo Fada, just your average college dropout, with no life ahead of him and not much to his name.

And then he wakes up in his wildest dreams.

(A nuzlocke comic of comedy, drama, action, and all sorts of inconsistent art)


I'm lazy and I'm proud

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Lol I like this fight a lot, just total DESTROY THE PLACE and koga all like "aight" is awesome, really good job on the vibration and koffings!
So, the page was supposed to be done Saturday, for an upload on Monday. It's Tuesday. I kinda slacked off this weekend, sorry. As you can see, I'm still messing around with dialogue bubbles to try and get them how I want, sorry for if it's causing any confusion.

But, as for next week, there's good news and bad news. The good news? You'll still be getting a page. The bad news? It's half a page. For you see, the Sabrina gym fight is more than double the length of a normal page, so I can either take next week off and get you a massive page, or give you two slightly longer than normal pages. Therefore...see you next week.
Author Note
Aww the gang's all together!! Gosh, it really is sweet how everyone's come together to support Leo as he's grown so much. Now we gotta go beat the shit out of Danny again!
Aaaaaand we're back! Surprise, everything is a-ok, just thought I'd give you guys a minor heart attack at the end of the last page.

So, few new things going into 2021. Firstly, the next two pages are beefy, and while I was able to get a lot done over the break, they're still not done. So if there's a week off, that'd be why.

Secondly, I've, uh...started a ko-fi. Yeah.

The reason I chose Ko-fi over Patreon is mostly due to how much more creator friendly it is, and how you don't even have to do monthly payments. Just a one time boop is enough to brighten my day. I'll be posting sketches of upcoming pages, putting all my extras there, doodles of just random stuff I'd like to make, whatever. You don't need to donate, I'd just appreciate if you do.

Oh, and next week is Koga. See ya'll then!
Author Note
"This isn't a new page!"

Yes, you're pretty observant there! We're actually going to be taking a few weeks off, due to the holiday season. I could have rushed out a page for today, but I both wanted to make sure this next page is quality, and to start building a bit of a backlog, because the next few pages are beefy, and I want to make sure I have time to do them all. So, we should be back some time in January.

Thank you for understanding, and have a wonderful Chimbus. A Murhpy Chiropracty. An M word adjective C word noun!
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