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The March will come
if you let it.
Last update: 26th Nov 2013, 9:38 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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A dystopian biopunk Science-fiction in three acts.

This story follows a pair of friends, one human and the other not, as they struggle to survive in a barren artificial world full of conflict and decadence.


Not self propelled artillery.

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This looks cool and very different from anything else I've seen on Comic Fury. I've subscribed and am looking forward to reading all of it.
Oh my god, Bandkanon, this comic is visually stunning! I'm so sorry its taken me this long to get caught up on your work -_- real life, ya know how it is. But dude, seriously, the environment you're presenting here brings me back to those comics they were making back in the 90's, when they were first exploring the concept of a deeper and richer environment for their creations to live in. Uggggh, so gorgeous.
ah, sorry. Hiatus. I've actually got a couple future pages on standby, but at the moment I'm focusing entirely on my main comic.
I think once I get around to it I might want to make a huge batch upload.
...That took me a while.

I think I have a new best friend tho:

Might help me actually stay motivated from here on out.

I wanted to spend 6 hours on comic-related things today, which means I have 5 hours and 30 mins left.
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