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The Odd Bricks
The Worst criminals in the world strive to make a name for themselves as super villains.
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A Lego-based webcomic with a long-running storyline.


I'm a Smackjeeves refugee here to beg for alms.

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This is a wild guess, but maybe plants don't like being forced used to murder kill unlife people.
nice comic i ended my comic series
“Spring Break Notice”
If you're checking the comic for an update today, I'm taking a week off. I've been making pages the night before these last couple weeks so I'm taking a week to catch up and get a buffer. During this time, I'll also make a propper news page so I can stop doing news updates like this. Sorry for the short notice. See you all on the 12th!
Author Note
I don't like the tone of his speech balloon.
“so true”
nice comic i'm ending my comic series by the way