The Other Side of Me
A Bunny girl's hidden dark side...
Last update: 2nd Feb 2022, 7:00 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Occasional Strong Language
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Iris - She's rich, popular, a bookworm and pretty. You would think she had the perfect university life. Having the deck stacked in her favor. However, like most people, even the rich and famous have skeletons in their closet that are trying to come out.

From the beginning of her private university life Iris has been struggling with the guilt of walking in her sister's footsteps. Especially after three years ago when she went missing without a trace and no one seems to know why, except for one mysterious guy known as the "Loan Shark" - but everything comes at at a price...

Only given three weeks by this mysterious "Loan Shark", Iris has to earn money fast - but how? Luckily for Iris her saucy roommate, Hazel, has a job for her. A job that Iris can't pass up - being a bunny girl to serve alcoholic drinks and provide entertainment and private sessions to loyal customers.

It is a fight for an opportunity that can save her life or destroy it. Can Iris keep her identity a secret while getting the money she owes the "Loan Shark" before time runs out while digging into her sister's past, or will her loved ones find out and disown her for being a prostitute and lose all of her dignity?

How deep will she go to discover the truth about her sister?


Hi! I am a digital 3D artist that creates original characters and make stories of them from a 3D software called CharaStudio... exclusively to the 3D hentai game Koikatsu.

I am currently working on my first 3D manga (that tries to replicate a 2D visual style) called The Other Side of Me.

Any views, likes and comments comments especially is really appreciated!

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It's not that much for her. She's a "rich" girl after all. The problem is that she has 3 weeks to get that money. She can't ask her mom to help her get out of this situation. The loan shark had planned this just right. ;)
lmao what i guess idk how hte money system wordks in this world but 3k doesnt sound like that many dollars. i guess if it was gold coins orsom ething that sounds like more.
well this is certainly more anime looking for a 3d model webcomic than most others ive seen
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