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The Pale follows Franklin Ink (Fink), a reserved FBI linguist - and bird enthusiast - as he searches for a mysterious killer from his past. His search takes him to Rocket Ridge, a small Arizona town bordering the Navajo Nation.

With help from the sheriff’s department, Fink hopes to track down the killer while keeping one little secret from the Sheriff– he’s face blind.


Jay Fabares (FAB-ray) has worked as an artist for mobile games and has freelanced for Nickelodeon, Warner Bros and Disney as a concept pitch artist. Their most recent work can be seen as a cover artist for Valiant Comics.
Jay co-creates The Pale with her husband, Sanders. This is their first comic.

Jay doesn't like writing in third person.

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Chapters will be releasing ahead of the webcomic, starting with Ch 5.
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Hi! we're not dead, just adjusting to life with a new baby and remastering the first arc for San Diego Comic Con :)
I tweet as much as I can (typically later in the evening because I take care of the baby during the day).

Earlier this year I had hand surgery, so I was also recovering from that as well. Ch 9 IS done, Sanders and I just need to edit a section before we post. It's been an adjustment-- sorry!

You can keep up to date on the blog area or on my other social meeds.
Thanks for being concerned! I'll see if I can speed things up on those chapter 9 edits.
Hello. I have been coming to this page since last year, each week, with hope for a new episode, but there is no change, no announcement, nothing about a relaunch or continuation, or something. I wonder if the authors are ok, hope they are. I just would like to know: is this comic dead? It would be such a pity, it is (was?) so interesting: great story, great characters... Forgive me if such information is somewhere else, I could not find it.
ayyy lmao
I don't think I mention enough how much I love this story. Just sent it to someone who was asking about proso as well. it's amazing. Always love getting more of it
Pale Web Comic country makes an appearance here, in a sarcastic quote of a Snopes "mostly false" rating that reads "inconveniently true" to normal readers - https://www.wsj.com/articles/notable-quotable-facts-and-crack-pipes-distribution-drug-use-safety-racial-equity-fact-check-snopes-11644511578?mod=opinion_major_pos4 is the article.
It is indeed "harm reduction", but it does target more such harm reduction resources like crack pipes to "traditionally underserved communities" ... because the Four Corners area really needs more crack pipes, because the saloons aren't bad enough.
There's an argument to be made for this sort of thing, but perhaps instead of denying the really skeevy look, supporters could make it.