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The Pale follows Franklin Ink (Fink), a reserved FBI linguist - and bird enthusiast - as he searches for a mysterious killer from his past. His search takes him to Rocket Ridge, a small Arizona town bordering the Navajo Nation.

With help from the sheriff’s department, Fink hopes to track down the killer while keeping one little secret from the Sheriff– he’s face blind.


Jay Fabares (FAB-ray) has worked as an artist for mobile games and has freelanced for Nickelodeon, Warner Bros and Disney as a concept pitch artist. Her most recent work can be seen as a cover artist for Valiant Comics.
She co-creates The Pale with her husband, Sanders. This is their first comic.

She doesn't like writing in third person.

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Chapters will be releasing ahead of the webcomic, starting with Ch 5.
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A gun! Could it provide finger prints? ( What many criminals forget is that even when they wipe the pistol clean they have still left evidence on the brass shells...!)
awww, thank you :) I'm glad you found us then!
Just caught up with this comic. I don't understand how this isn't better known. It's better than a lot of pay stuff!
god i love this comic