The Power of Stardust
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Mere decades after the end of the Great War in the Air the world finds itself in the midst of a second Great War--a war in which gods and men-like gods shake the very foundations of reality with their combat.

The rise of superhumanity and supertechnology has expanded Earth's war to the far corners of reality. There is no end in sight to the conflict. With each new miracle comes several new nightmares. The fires of war grow and threaten to consume all existence.

After a battle in Europe against an Axis energy dragon, a superhuman named Spectro tumbles through uncharted reality--and something follows him back home to Earth, something with strange thoughts and incredible power.

This is the tipping point. This is point of no return.

The Earth is in the Power of Stardust, and there is no turning back.


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Otto Gruenwald
Author Note
Stardust did the right thing. Consent is a precious thing and while his heart is in the right place, he needs to rethink his methods.
Mary marvel?
Welcome back!
if you keep picking at it, it will never heal.