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The Property of Hate
A journey.
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Un viaje. Esta es la traducción al español del cómic The Property of Hate (TPoH), creado por Sarah Jolley, o Modmad.
Pueden leer el cómic original aquí: http://jolleycomics.com/TPoH/The%20Hook/


Hi! I'm Valinky, an artist who also is a comic translator!

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Thank you! BTW, I wasn't sure if you were Modmad using a different sign-on. That's why I asked.
Hello! Modmad has no plans to start uploading here as far as I know, but she has her own site where she publishes it! Here's the link: http://jolleycomics.com/TPoH/The%20Hook/
Thanks for commenting!
Is there any chance of the English version coming to Comic Fury? I loved this back when I was on SmackJeeves, but that fell apart and I lost track of it.