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A teenage girl gets caught up in a war between demon clans. 13 +

Mirror site for The Reborn. Old comics from 2006-2020 are uploaded daily, or you can read the entire comic at http://thereborn.butterscotchcomics.com/ where new pages are updated on Monday.


Hey, Butters here! You might remember me from Smack Jeeves. I moved to own hosting when SJ died, but I decided to use Comic Fury as a mirror.

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This cover page is, like, 11 years old, but I still really like it.
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At the time I drew this, I was playing a cute video game called Princess Debut.
Anyway, you can click this link right here to read more of The Reborn!
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This Q&A might be confusing, but I also draw a comic called Mario's Day Job.

If you like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Pokemon, you should click that link!
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It's my birthday!
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Happy Halloween!
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