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Enslaved and fighting for freedom
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When Lokostwa is invaded, Savora promises to take care of her family, but with the war approaching, she might not even be able to protect herself.


30-ish Christian writer and artist of sci-fi stories with lots of aliens.
She lives on a cattle ranch in eastern MT with a herd of goats.

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So, I started uploading here and I'm kinda liking the layout, even though the site itself seems ugly. I like how the comic page site looks professional though, unlike Webtoons.
This is the page where I decided I LIKE Webtoons format because it gives me more freedom.
Author Note
“Free Ebook”
I'm running a sale on all three of my books, but the Deathhorn, which is set during the same time period as The Red Tattoo, is free for Black Friday!
Author Note
Note that these pages were made over a year ago, and I've changed the font since then.
Author Note
Thanks for the warm welcome! It's so cool to see people commenting. I'll probably upload a page a day for a while. (I have nine scheduled now.)
Welcome! I only use this site to follow comics so I can't speak to how it is with uploading, but so far it's my favorite comic site! Very user-friendly and lots of nice people.

Excited to see where your comic goes as well!