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The Restless Dead
A zombie apocalypse webcomic updated every Saturday.
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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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The sky is red, people are having bizarre hallucinations and the dead are coming back to life. What does it mean? Can an eclectic group of survivors live long enough to figure it out?

The Restless Dead is a drama / action / horror story about a group of people struggling to survive and understand a zombie apocalypse. The story is set on the Gold Coast in Australia.


The Letter M
The Letter M
I love manga and western comics. My favourite is Berserk. I also read DC's Batman and Nightwing. I like something in every genre and I love mixed genre stuff like space-westerns and zombie-romances.


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The Letter M
May as well stab some fools, eh?
Come on, gang. Don't get greedy--break your pursuit and get the hell out of there. This is their turf and they've got numbers on you. Better to evade and fight 'em again another day.
The Letter M
Hey all. I personally can't stand infinite scroll comics but I'm sure some of you zoomers or milenials are into that so now we have it!
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The Letter M
Haha. I don't know how well a chick with metal arms and a Mexican wrestler would fit really.
logan force
You can use all my dudes any time you want dude