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Comic profile: Revolutionary
Take down the government
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 18th May 2017
Number of comics: 13
Number of subscribers: 3
Visitors: 508 visitors (2572 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Cantery was once a peaceful nation until the government went corrupt after the leader was assassinated by the vice president who promptly took over. The country, now living in despair seeks to overthrow the dictatorship and restore peace once again. Aundrae, Doza, and Lava form a revolutionary army with a hope to one day eradicate the corrupted system and bring back the nation's former glory.


My name is ArmyFrog and welcome to my little section of the web! I am a sixteen-year-old computer artist and spriter who enjoyes creating webcomics as a hobby.

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20th Jun 2017
For those who are new, you may see the size and quality of the panels drop in later pages. Have no fear, I am in the process of redoing the entire comic to the size and quality you see here. Thanks for understanding.
Left on Chapter 1 - Page 1
19th Jun 2017
It has been three weeks but I am back. I am not going to keep updating the comic, but rather, I am going to edit the existing pages until I catch up. All of the pages will be four times larger and have improved artwork. I believe that it's good to start off with the title card.
Left on Revolutionary
7th Jun 2017
Ok, my bad. I was going to announce that I was on vacation for two weeks. I happened to be in a national park when I remembered, and let's just say that those parks are not known for having the best reception. Regardless, I think it's time that I announce this: I am going to redo the strip artwork and make the pages larger, more detailed, and more visually pleasing. I will continue to release new pages, but I want to finish redoing the current pages. The composition of the pages is not going to change (except for 1 - 2 so it's easier to understand), so there is no need to fret about the entire comic changing. Thanks for sticking along.
Left on Chapter 2 - Page 2
Deadly Death Sickle
5th Jun 2017
Deadly Death Sickle
And your gone again...
Left on Chapter 2 - Page 2
Deadly Death Sickle
19th May 2017
Deadly Death Sickle
And your back again, yay!
Left on Chapter 2 - Page 2