The Search for Henry Jekyll
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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The streets of 1891, London are plagued by an unidentified serial killer. While searching for an answer, Inspector Utterson fears all clues point to his estranged friend, and previous master, Doctor Henry Jekyll as the culprit. Discovering this, Utterson realizes he must choose between his still strong desire to protect Henry, or turn him in for certain death and lose him forever.

A queer retelling of the classic tale of Jekyll and Hyde, follow Aloysius Utterson as he desperately tries to save his dear friend Henry from his own murderous alter ego.


Hi! I'm Midorilied, creator of the webcomic "The Search for Henry Jekyll"! I now reside here to hopefully have a safe place to show my webcomic without the trouble of sites with destructive updates.

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