The Secrets of the Afterlife
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language
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/i\ This story is a yuri manga : it pictures romantic and sexual relationships between girls. /i\

Alternative name : Les Secrets de l'Au-Delà

Genres : Romance, Drama, Yuri, Comedy, Ecchi, Mature, School Life, Shoujo Ai

Author : NoiV

Artist : NoiV

Summary :
When Anya falls from the sky, her life is already over. She reaches the ground, amnesiac and naked, of a little village in Japan. Quiet place in appearance, Nakamura's village might be as weird as its new resident. What is Anya's secret ? What's with that place full of women ? How can we have a normal life when all we remember about is Death ?

/i\Read from right to left./i\


Parody Summary of Chapter 1:
[Inspired by this thread.]
Anya: Hello I'm naked and lost
Anya: I'm also really weird and dead
Miyako: BYE
Nanaho: Hello I like dead people
June: I quit.
Nanaho: But she's hot
June: F/ck yeah
Nanaho: Bring her to school
June: F/ck no
Anya: *non-existing tears*
June: bitches


I won't take the easy road ♪

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Well I did, a long time ago. ;)
ha ha you watch Pokemon too?
Hey everyone.

As said above. The adventure ends here. I intended to finish this chapter before annuncing it but I thought "What's the point? If it's mean to stop, it's mean to stop, and that's all." The pages are drawn though, mostly. But I just lost the will to finish them, sorry.

I need to thank all the readers, the early ones, the late ones, the cool ones (well, that would be all of you right?). It's been really fun but I'll be honest here and say I rushed it. too. much. To the point I just see the old pages and go "just why is this like that again?" And it's just not as good as it should be.
So, I'm going to start again. From the beginning. Change a lot of things. Making it so I wouldn't let room to mistakes. Or... very little room, because even if there's no room for it, mistakes find their way in, haha.

Regarding that upcoming reboot, I don't know when it'll be here, I have some stuff to deal with too, so I have no idea. And again, I don't want to rush it. Although I can't wait to be back in the game.
If you guys want to be updated regarding the new version, I'm going to update here when I have news. If you prefer Twitter or Facebook, I'll put news about it there when something comes up.

Thanks for everything, you guys rock. And remember I'll always be back, just like Team Rocket.
Author Note
Glad to know you think that way. People often consider nudity as nsfw either than just sex. I guess it all depends on how you're comfortable with your workplace, heh.
Yeah I meant sex, but aye non-sexual nudity isn't really NSFW to me. I mean nudity is common in art