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The Seven Deadly Wishes

Last update: 9th Apr 2021, 6:36 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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This story happened long time ago, in a place very far away from our earth.
Finx is a guy who lives with his two sisters and his mum, in the suburb of Xion, the capital of Teabitia state. A war that has been burning for years now, is getting closer at the capital. Finx doesn't feel fear, but he chase his dream to be a flyer, like his dad and his big brother Zaxi who fights with the military aviation.
however neither our protagonist nor the entire population of the planet, have idea about what is going to happen...


what i like:
surfing, astronomy, electronic Engineering, 3D stuff 3Dprinters, swimming, work as lifeguard, drawing, travel, metal & rock, guitar, ski, photography...

what i don't like:
raisin, dentist, to think what i don't like...

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i'll be back after the easter holidays !!
don't panic folks i'm a bit busy this period, but i'll be back soon! i'm working on the end pages of this chapter.
Stay stick and you'll see good ones :)
Damn, I missed all these cool battle scenes

finally back
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