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The Shadow Whisperer
"There once was a boy who talked to his shadow."
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Max is a 15-year-old boy, starting his freshman year of High School. At first glance, he seems like a normal kid. But there's something... different about him. He talks to himself... To his shadow.

This is the story of him, his shadow, the people he'll meet, and the many adventures they'll have.

This is the story of The Shadow Whisperer.

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Just a guy trying to be cool and creative.

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Such a cute ghost.
Hi everyone!! The Shadow Whisperer will now upload every Friday. Thanks for reading!
Author Note
So this is an interesting development, she has powers and light is coming out like a horn on her head. Is she a unicorn?
She is a pretty ghost
Does the ghost lady need a hug? that might help her not want to kill or make her want to kill them even harder not sure.