The Sparks: The Adventures Begins!
The journey to find closure
Last update: 2 days ago, 8:10 PM
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Abandoned triplets Sparky, Sparko and Sparkle must protect their home from evil, cosmical and otherworldy monsters until their father gets home.


The Sparks
The Sparks
Why don't they have legs?

If webcomic does not update in a month. I'm dead or missing or phone broke.

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PLU 4011
I like to imagine brocc found the crystal deep inside the popcorn machine skdjs
PLU 4011
Awwwe <3
The Sparks
My twitter is lost because I'm too lazy to find my password list. For my insta am old buddy of mine got hacked and sent me a scam link direct message. They said it was a gift and I clicked it
PLU 4011
Aw man ;; First ur Twitter, then Insta :c maybe it's possible to report a compromised account somehow? I hope you can get them back soon dude
The Sparks
I kinda mighta have gottan my Instagram stolen by one of my contacts.Why is it once my accounts go dead they got lost or stolen. I'm not even that active!
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