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The Sparks: The Adventures Begins!
The journey to find closure
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 2:29 AM
Number of comics: 17
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Webcomic description

Abandoned triplets Sparky, Sparko and Sparkle must protect their home from evil, cosmic and otherworldy monsters until their father gets home.


The Sparks
The Sparks
Here to do that thing I said I'll do

Most recent comments left on The Sparks: The Adventures Begins!

The Sparks
27th Feb 2019
The Sparks
"We back boi"
Just finished some major stuff that was killing my time. Now I'll spend the free time I have to continue updating this webcomic, so goodbye 2-3 week breaks!
Left on S1 EP 1: "Here We Go" (Page 10)
The Sparks
8th Jan 2019
The Sparks
"Comic Update"
Sorry for blacking out for the last few weeks. To be honest, I have all pages up to 26 done and fully coloured. I'm just too lazy to spend half an hour adding the speech bubbles and merging. Heh, how ironic.
Left on S1 EP 1: "Here We Go" (Page 8)