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The Stoop-Gallants
Accidental necromancy and teacup manticores
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Occasional Strong Language
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The Stoop-Gallants is an adventure fantasy webcomic about the foibles of magic users who honestly never intended to use magic. A humble goatherd named Ru accidentally summons the dead one night while drunkenly stumbling home from the bar. A lowly serf named Flea struggles to suppress formidable magic prowess while protecting an illegal manticore. Let down by an apathetic Consortium of professional magic users, they enlist the help of a motley crew of knights, scholars, and miscellaneous childhood friends to seek a solution to their problems, before Flea blows up an entire city and Ru’s undead follower wreaks even more havoc.


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Hence, eventually, the Montgolfier Brothers' fiendishly-clever device.
That Marigold's a beartless harstid!
That tree is doing a fine imitation of Harry LIme
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