The Stoop-Gallants
Accidental necromancy and teacup manticores
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Occasional Strong Language
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The Stoop-Gallants is an adventure fantasy webcomic about the foibles of magic users who honestly never intended to use magic. A humble goatherd named Ru accidentally summons the dead one night while drunkenly stumbling home from the bar. A lowly serf named Flea struggles to suppress formidable magic prowess while protecting an illegal manticore. Let down by an apathetic Consortium of professional magic users, they enlist the help of a motley crew of knights, scholars, and miscellaneous childhood friends to seek a solution to their problems, before Flea blows up an entire city and Ru’s undead follower wreaks even more havoc.


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Nice rendition of a bitta castra legionis in panel 3!
"Oops there..." Shelley Berman, from 'Franz Kafka on the Telephone'
"Oh, your red scarf matches your eyes
You close your cover before striking
Father had the shipfitter blues
Loving you has made me bananas."
Someone needs to invent spell-resistant contact lenses for the troops!
Oh, snap!