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Webcomic profile: The Straight & Narrow
The Straight & Narrow
A comic about the Bible and what it teaches.
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A comic that is based on Biblical information. Some of the comics are comparing what is commonly taught among Christian Churches today versus what the Bible teaches, while others are solely on representing concepts taught in the Bible. It is not the best drawn comic, but it is something that I felt I should put together and am having fun doing so.


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Not much else to say on this one. Go and read on where "gospel" or "good news" is used. Then trace that back in the Greek and Hebrew. The Hebrews quote says plainly that the Gospel we received is the same one as those that were in the Wilderness. If the Gospel is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, then why did so many not believe in Him during His time here?
Left on Church vs. Bible #011 - The Gospel
3 days ago
I have wanted to try and do a different art style for a little bit, but haven't really had the time. Today, even though I again didn't really have time, made myself do it. I was only able to do the heads, but I like how they turned out. The style of the normal comics is not really that difficult to do with the iPad and stylus I am using. This, however, wasn't as easy. Most of my lines seem unsteady.

On the topic of the comic though, this is one I don't understand. I have seen this dialogue with a few folks on facebook on this subject and others. I have had similar conversations with people on other subjects. The Sabbath one kills me though as no where in the Bible does it say that when Jesus died and rose for us that we no longer have a need for physical rest. We didn't all become super human and never wear down. In Genesis 1-2:3 God even does work for 6 days and then rests, giving us an example.
Left on Sabbath rest
6 days ago
Trying out a different coloring style with this one. Not sure I like it. I usually just use Paper for drawing and coloring, but with this I used Paper for drawing and Tiny Paint Pro for coloring.

Also, trying a different style for the Torah Portion as well. Instead of summarizing in speech, having some action to show what happens in this portion.
Left on Torah Portion: Nasso (Take up) - Numbers 4:21-7:89
8 days ago
This one came up this week to my wife. She had a meeting for our small business with a local pastor. When he changed the subject over to faith and found out how we were walking, one of the things he brought up to "counter" our beliefs was this passage in 1 Peter. Peter is just quoting Moses and the Psalms here, in the next verse he goes into things Hosea is talking about in the first two chapters of that book.

I am not trying to knock anyone here, but do want to point out the lack of understanding of the Scriptures in some of these cases. Yes, these folks read their Bibles and went to seminary to learn more about it, but I fear they are reading with some sort of blinders on. A perception of what the text is saying before actually reading the text.
Left on Church vs. Bible #010 - A chosen people
10 days ago
Thanks! I have several others I plan on making, so hopefully I can keep this going for a bit.
Left on Church vs. Bible #001 - This is Bad