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A comic about the Bible and what it teaches.
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A comic that is based on Biblical information. Some of the comics are comparing what is commonly taught among Christian Churches today versus what the Bible teaches, while others are solely on representing concepts taught in the Bible. It is not the best drawn comic, but it is something that I felt I should put together and am having fun doing so.

Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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Living the ultimate WWJD life, husband, and father of 4. Introvert of the INFJ variety. Former IT professional. I like to design things and do cartoons on the Bible.


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I keep seeing a meme go across social media that says "If it was a sin 100 years ago, it is still a sin today". I've replied to one of them "If it was a sin 4,000 years ago, it is still a sin today". But there are believers out there that will jump through all kinds of hoops and take Scriptures out of context to say what they are doing or want to do isn't a sin. Usually, there is no reasoning with them either. You can point out Scriptures that show their fallacy and just be met with name calling. You can ask them to provide support for their off interpretation and be met with accusations. It is sad and frustrating to see.

"and indeed, from the truth the hearing they shall turn away, and to the fables they shall be turned aside.
And thou -- watch in all things; suffer evil; do the work of one proclaiming good news; of thy ministration make full assurance" (2 Timothy 4:4-5)
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I think that it all comes down to faith. If you have faith that God has the power to preserve his bible without being fundamentally changed then you have faith to believe that those who translated the Bible or even wrote it through Devine inspiration did not change it. If you don’t have faith in God to preserve his bible then this means that one may not have faith in God to begin with. The best way to prove this is to pick a version to read and compare with others and Strong’s concordance helps as well in seeing what a certain word may have meant in ancient Hebrew. Make sure you pray first before you read, get the bible app which gives you access to several different translations as well. The Strong’s Concordance app also helps as well.

That's cool. I haven't heard of that site, I will have to check it out.
That’s great :) I recently started studying Greek so I could try and read the original New Testament in it’s language. I’ve also been looking at scripture4all.org, it’s a great website to read the Hebrew/Greek side by side with scripture.
Don't let this be you right now. I almost let this be me. Recently I got a nasty-gram from our city about the length of our grass. I've let it grow to the same height all season so far. I don't like putting chemicals and stuff on the yard and in my experience letting it grow a little extra makes the grass greener and work out the weeds on its own.

Anyway, I got this nasty-gram. I was upset. I call up there. I get no answers to specific questions about acceptable length. I pretty much wasted my breath and time on the phone asking about this situation. It comes time to mow again, I haven't let the nasty-gram go. While mowing I keep thinking of all these different things I could do to prove I wasn't in the wrong. Or to be an absolute pain to the city within their own ordinances. Or to keep these officials on their toes and ensure they aren't hypocrites threatening to fine me for my yard when theirs is just as "bad".

Then it hits me: what am I doing? Is this something I should be worried about? Is this furthering the Kingdom? Does any of this matter? The above comic came shortly after that.

While my example seems minor, there are those out there getting caught up in major world concerns as well. No matter the severity of the issue, just remember: don't let whatever it is not allow you to shine your light. Don't let those concerns choke the Word out to where it is fruitless. If we look through history, there are always major worldly concerns. Some pass without anything happening, some come to fruition. In the end though, does it matter?
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