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A comic that is based on Biblical information. Some of the comics are comparing what is commonly taught among Christian Churches today versus what the Bible teaches, while others are solely on representing concepts taught in the Bible. It is not the best drawn comic, but it is something that I felt I should put together and am having fun doing so.

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Living the ultimate WWJD life, husband, and father of 4. Introvert of the INFJ variety. Former IT professional. I like to design things and do cartoons on the Bible.

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Psalm 33:3 - Sing to him a new song. Play skillfully with a shout of joy!
Author Note
Recently, I had another interview with the Sabbath Lounge Podcast ( - go check them out). As of my writing this, it has not been released yet, but it was a fun talk. During our discussion, we talked about the story of Lot because of one of my Law Before the Law comics ( In that comic, I bring up how the events of Abraham having leavened bread with God and the messengers. Then at sundown, the messengers go into the city and meet Lot, who makes them unleavened bread. Passover is the first meal in the week of Unleavened Bread and it is held right after sundown. Unleavened Bread is eaten, as well as everyone is to be in their homes.

While discussing things, Matt and Jake brought up that Lot escapes into the Wilderness, just like the Israelites during the Exodus. The timing of things in these two events are totally in sync, but the major events all take place: a passover-type meal; everyone indoors to escape harm; major catastrophe to the city/population; an escape from the city.

Revelation even suggests there is something in common with these events.

Revelation 11:8 - Their dead bodies will be in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.

Side note: While Matt and Jake suggested a Law before the Law comic for this, after digging I felt a new mini-series might fit better. While the events of both have some commands that are everlasting, there are other things about them that are just related to the events. I have some other ideas for Parallels as well, so stay tuned!
Author Note
THIS is a fun topic. It is one that I brought up our last Bible study because someone had a question in regards to a particular passage on the Torah Portion. It had the word "abomination" in it, and their question was about if the abomination was just the verse that it was listed with, or the whole section before it. When in doubt, look into the Hebrew! This is why I was bringing up Chiastic Structure. It is all over the Bible and it shows how things related and helps group things properly if there is a question like we had during Bible Study.

In this comic I give the example of Joshua 1:5-9, which also helps illustrate a few comics on this same section of Scripture that I have made. The central point/theme of being strong and courageous is keeping the Law. But, it isn't just in Joshua. Or even just in the Hebrew Old Testament. You can find this structure throughout the New Testament as well, such as the book of Revelation. Which helps show a couple of things. 1) That the writers still had heavy Hebrew influence, even though the texts we have are Greek. 2) It is very possible the original texts were in Hebrew and the Greek copies we have are just the translations of those Hebrew texts.

But what the original language of the NT was isn't the point here. Just that Chiastic Structure is super cool. It is something that gets me excited and something I think may get you excited as well. So, go do some research on it and see what you find!
Author Note
This comic was inspired by a Bible-in-a-year plan the kids and I have been following. It has videos to watch every now and then. In a couple of the videos when it came to the topic of sacrifices, they start out on the right foot explaining that the sacrifices were there to show the enormous weight of our sins. Then, they start in with them trying to explain away things. Why sacrifices? Because this was an ancient ritual. Many cultures of the time had to sacrifice to appease their gods. Why don't we do sacrifices today? Because of Jesus' sacrifice. The disciples didn't do any sacrifices afterward.

Taking the second explanation first: there is nothing in the Bible that says Jesus' sacrifice is why we no longer do sacrifices. In Acts 21, Paul is sent to perform a sacrifice via the encouragement of the disciples. So, to say the disciples didn't do any sacrifices would be in error. I've often seen this explained away as "Paul trying to appease the Jews". If this is correct, then Paul and the disciples are liars AND trivializing the works of God. The Nazarite vow, which is what is talked about in Acts 21, wasn't something that was to be taken lightly. It was a very serious vow and one that was voluntary.

On the first explanation, I give my main point in the comic: Do not do as the pagans did. If sacrifices were just part of ancient culture (in the context of how this is explained, the pagan culture of the time), God specifically states He wants no part of that. He would not have created a "this from the pagans is okay to do" list. Again, these sacrifices are there to show us the weight of our sin. The wages of sin is death. Those animals died in our place because of our sin. Jesus died in our place because of our sin. If those sacrifices were just some ancient ritual, then Jesus' sacrifice was nothing more than that either. Why would we continue to focus on it and put hope into it?

The Bible is one big story, front to back. Read it that way. It isn't a "this is the old way of doing things" and then a "this is the new way of doing things". If you really want to look and read why we don't do sacrifices right now, read Daniel, Ezra, and Nehemiah. Those books mirror the time we are living in right now.
Author Note
I hope you read this whole comic and go and read all the verses listed and read the surrounding stuff, too. Paul is quoting the Law heavily in this chapter. You have to take Paul out of context of the rest of Scripture, and ignore what he is quoting, to come to the conclusion that his point is that the Law has ended, no longer to be followed.

If keeping everything I am pointing out here in context, verse 10:4 is actually telling us that Christ is who we are aiming to live like, He is our goal. Isn't that what we have been taught all our lives in church?
Author Note