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What does it mean to lose your soul?
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Life wasn't perfect, even before it happened. But they could do anything, because they could do it for her. As partner of one of the warren's most powerful Bigs, they could eat the freshest food and sleep in the driest burrows. They could rise to meet each coming day. They loved her, lived for her, and she loved them in return. Life wasn't perfect, but they were together, and her love was all they ever needed.

And then, she died.

Now alone in a world where even the strongest animals die, one young rabbit must navigate the challenges of the wild and endure the cruelty of the herd's superstition. It is said by the rabbits of the Hilltop Warren that the soul of a rabbit speaks through the body, in ear twitches, stamps of the feet, and gleeful, sparking jumps. A rabbit's scream is its final expression, the soul set free from the body, never to be reclaimed. A rabbit who dies has need for it no longer. But not every rabbit who screams will die. What becomes of the survivors? What becomes of the rabbits who have faced the unimaginable? What becomes of the those who have endured the greatest suffering?

What does it mean to lose your soul?


I like pokemon! So I do pokemon comics.

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True, but dachshunds are specifically bred to go down burrows and hunt what's living down there.
That could have been ANY dog that gets their teeth into such tiny wildlife.
I know! Why did that have to happen!
The Alolan PokeNerd
Dashunds are monsters- the poor rabbit D: