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The True Face
A tale of witches and warriors
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In a bronze-age-like world two different populations are at constant war: the Rahase prey and enslave the less developed Ture. Pumpu, a Rahase, will find himself lost in Ture land, and his view of the world will change.


A dude living in Italy, born 1976. Comics, RPGs and martial arts (judo and Nippon kempo) are my hobbies.

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[blushes] thank you!
Firefly Jelly
Your work is so incredibly unique and interesting- and the art is lovely, too. I'm enjoying this series a lot. Keep up the great work.
Following the advice I had in the forum, from now on I'm gonna use flat shadows both on foreground and background. I did use flat shadows up to around page 100, but then in the chapters with the caves I started to use soft shades to give the effect of the torches. However I like this page, that looks very clean, so it's time to do a U-turn and go back to flat shadows!
Author Note
Oh, wow, the italian dubbing is very different!

It’s Elmer Fudd.