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Real news, as told by people you were scared of in school.
Last update: 21st Oct 2015, 10:22 PM
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THE WEEKLY DRIVEL is the horribly disfigured, aborted brain-child of Alex Bauman and Brandon Stewart. They hate you. No, not really, but they DO hate your mom.

But most importantly, they hate the news. Which is why they steal real news stories and put a slight little twist on them. Be informed. The right way.


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Ahahaha it's keeling me so funny!
I wish I could have been in the room when the lawyer explained to this woman what burden of proof is and how it works. I haven't checked back on the story but I'd be willing to bet that she dropped the case.
Poor Roger. He should have followed the lifestyle of Keith Richards. A steady intake of drugs and booze has preserved Richards. When he dies his body won't even decay. The scientists who work constantly to preserve Lenin's body could learn some lessons from Richards.
Sneaking in lyrics.
Sounds fishy to me....